Sunday, September 16, 2018

Menke Brothers With US Patents

Two brothers of my Great Grandpa Albert Menke were issued US Patents for their inventions over 100 years ago. One of them I learned about from this clipping in the Columbus Journal, March 17, 1886.

Henry Menke Jr  was 24 years old when he filed an application dated November 14, 1885 for a Revolving Fan. Click on the link to see his full application with sketches which I found at Google Patents (even though his name was terribly transcribed).

United States Patent No. 337,600 issued March 9, 1886

"My invention relates to revolving fans adapted for use on dining or library tables, or at other places, for driving away flying insects, and for briskly circulating the air for cooling persons near the machine; and the invention has for its object to provide a simple, inexpensive, and effective devise of this character. "

A distant cousin had told me about George Edward Menke inventing a corn sheller he called the "Little GEM". That was not the patent I found for him online. His application was filed July 29, 1911 for a a railroad Loading Device. Again, you can find the application and sketches at that link. 

United States Patented No. 1,021,696 issued March 26, 1912 

"An object of the invention is to provide a loading device, particularly adaptable for use in connection with railway engines, to load the tenders thereof when the engines pass beneath the device. My invention embodies among other features, a structure which when used in connection with railway engines to load the tenders thereof, will be automatically operated by the engine when the same passes beneath the device to fill the tender of the engine with coal or other material, used to operate the engine."

How much of an impact either of these inventions had on their industries, I couldn't say without a lot of research which I don't have the time to do. But I might look closer now at old fans in antique stores. I do know that neither man became famous for their invention, nor got rich from it. Still, it's kind of cool. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Newspaper Clippings - Rock Creek, Nebraska, 1910

I've been living life lately and my blog has been somewhat of a low priority. Not apologizing, but I will try to keep posting things I have of family history value. Winter will be here before long and I'll be home more.

This little bit of news is from Rock Creek in Saunders County, Nebraska. Transcribed as it was, it looks like they tried to correct their error in the last few paragraphs and have some lines turned around. The death of Nancy Bennett is relevant to one of  my Smith families.  Nancy was the daughter of my Fourth Great Grandparents Jonathan and Rachel Smith.

From the Wahoo Democrat, Wahoo, Nebraska, January 27, 1910


Wm. Bennett, who at the present is making his home in Lincoln, where Mrs. Bennett is under the care of a physician, came up Tuesday to attend the funeral of his mother.
Word was received Monday of the death of Mrs. Nancy Bennett. Mrs. B. had made her home, since the death of her husband, with her daughter, Mrs. G. S. Lambert. Last fall she went to spend the winter with her daughter, Mrs. C. J. Haggerman, who lives in McCool, York county, where 

she passed away Monday, the 24th. The remains were brought here Tuesday. The funeral will be held at Mt. Zion church Wednesday and the remains laid to rest beside her departed husband.
Grant Mills, a brother of J. W. Mills, of this precinct, was found dead in a hotel in Omaha Friday morning.
George and Sadie Ethel of Green, were visiting friends and relatives on the Creek Monday and Tuesday.
D. L. Beaman arrived Thursday for an extended visit with his brothers, I. K. Beaman and J. O. Beaman.
O. L. Bennett and Walter Stewart attended the auction sale of hardware and implements at Valparaiso Saturday.
J. O. Beaman, J. H. Vanlandingham and Grace Beaman attended the funeral of Dr. R. D. Bush at Wahoo on Thursday.
Miss Ina Larson, teacher in district 40 spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Lamson, [sic] near Raymond.
Have you seen the comet?
J. J. Wondra transacted business at Wahoo Thursday.
Miss Grace Hodge of Stella, is visiting her friend, Miss Edna Nelson.
Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Bennett and daughter of Lincoln, were visiting on the 
Miss Ina Lamson teacher in district [sic] the creek Saturday and Sunday.
Inez and Eva Stewart helped Everett Beaman to celebrate his 11th birthday Tuesday evening.