Menke / Mann

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(Grandpa)  Kenneth Menke

(Great Grandparents)  Albert Menke and Lottie Roscoe

(Great Great Grandparents) 
Henry Menke and Eliza Knapp
William Roscoe and Lena Jorgenson

(Third Great Grandparents)

Heinrich Knapp and Caroline Schukky

David Roscoe and Mary Fero
Ole Jorgenson 

(Fourth Great Grandparents)

Russell Roscoe and Nancy Corbin
Isaac Fero and Philomena Crosby

(Grandma)  Doris Mann

(Great Grandparents)  Clarence Mann and Cora Gaisford

(Great Great Grandparents)
William Mann and Nancy Climie
Charles Gaisford and Henrietta Smith

(Third Great Grandparents)

Thomas Climie and Mary Jane Hull

James Gaisford and Anna Rich
John Potter Smith and Mary Abigail Bliss

(Fourth Great Grandparents)

Charles Gaisford and Rachel Cogswell
John Rich and Rebecca Hill

Aza Smith and Mehitable Watrous/Waters
Austin Bliss and Abigail Bumstead

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