Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sibling Saturday - Spann Siblings

My Great Grandmother Allie had two brothers and seven sisters.  She was born Allie Lucinda Spann, the eighth child of Benjamin Franklin Spann and Hiley Ann Deckor.  You can read what I've written about them before by clicking on their names.  As a quick reminder, they had ten children before Hiley died in 1884 at age 47,  Her youngest child was just a toddler.  Here is the basic info on their children as I have it.  Thanks to a few of their descendants for a portion of what I have learned.

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 Abner Hartwell Spann - born March 18, 1854 in Wayne County.  He married Abigail May Hughes.  I know of 4 sons that they had.  Abner died on February 10, 1932 in Wayne County, he was 77.  He lies in the Elk Spring Cemetery in Monticello.

Amanda Susan Spann - born in 1855.  She married Ephraim Noah Hicks on November 22, 1871.  Little sister Allie was just a few months old.  Ephraim and Amanda didn't have any children that I know of.  At age 87 she died August 29, 1942 in Jefferson, Kentucky and is buried in the Spann Hill Cemetery in Wayne County.  The Spann Hill Cemetery is not the same as the Spann Cemetery where her parents and sister Polly lie.

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Telitha Ann Spann - born May 5, 1858.  She married Jim Stinson and they may have moved to Oklahoma, but I haven't determined that for sure.  

Juda or Julia Angeline Spann - born November 22, 1860.  She first married James Brammer, who died in 1908.  They had 11 children.  In 1910, she married again to Jesse Washington Davis.  Julia died March 27, 1949 and is buried in the Spann Hill Cemetery.  She lived to be 88 years old.

Polly Ann Spann - Her tombstone is inscribed "Polly Ann Spann  Died Sept. 1885  age about 26 yrs".  That's in the Spann Cemetery.  She apparently never married. 

Margaret Jane Spann - born September 23, 1866.  She married Henry Granville Bryant on January 28, 1885.  In 1910, Margaret & her family were living near Wellston, Oklahoma.  Allie and her family moved from Kentucky and stayed with the Bryant's for a while.  Henry & Margaret were the parents of 11 children.  Margaret died February 26, 1928 in Tracy City, Tennessee and is buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery.  She was 61.

Tranquilla J "Trannie" Spann - February 23, 1870.  She married Lewis Beck, they had one daughter Mary Effie.  At 22, less than three years after the birth of her daughter, Trannie died on March 15, 1892.  She is buried in the Beck-Rector Cemetery in Murl, Kentucky.

Allie Lucinda Spann - born May 19, 1871.  Click on her name if you would like to read more about her.  I haven't found a birth record for her, several years are missing in the online database at Ancestry.
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Hilda Etta Spann - born May 19, 1878.  Her Find A Grave memorial has the date April 21, 1877 so I wonder if this birth record was created later and her birth date confused with that of her sister Allie.  She and Shelby Bryant (brother of Henry who married Margaret) were married in 1896.  I know of at least three children they had.  They moved to Springfield, Illinois where Etta died on January 7, 1958.  She was 80 years old and now lies in the Old West Cemetery in Athens, Illinois. 

Marrion Washington Spann - born on January 12.  Click on his name to see a photo I posted yesterday.  His delayed birth certificate states his birth year as 1877, but his draft registration has the year 1882.  In the 1880 census Etta is the youngest child at 2 years old and Marrion is not listed.  As I mentioned above, his mother died in 1884.  He married Cora Wither in Monticello on March 15, 1905 and they moved to Illinois.  On April 7, 1959 Marrion died in Springfield, Illinois, survived by five sons and five daughters.  His obituary stated he was 81, putting his birth year at 1878.

Great Grandma Allie grew up in a houseful of girls, and raised a houseful of boys.  Shlived a good long life well into her 80's (87) like a few of her siblings.  

Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday's Faces from the Past - Marrion Spann & Allie Bell

This is Marrion Washington Spann and his sister Allie (Spann) Bell, who was my Great Grandma.  I'm not sure when this photo was taken.  Judging by some others I received, it could have been about 1957.  Allie would be around 86.  Marrion was a few years younger, but I have some differences in records showing the year of his birth.   

Marrion, along with his son Joe, made the trip to Nebraska from Illinois to visit his sister and her family.  I got this photo and more from a granddaughter of William Henry Spann, who was a half-brother of both Marrion and Allie.  I am very grateful to her for these, I don't have many pictures of Allie.  

Sunday, March 20, 2016

My Common Characteristics & Experiences Pedigree Chart

Some genealogy bloggers have created “Longevity Pedigree Charts” showing the age at death of their ancestors.  Other bloggers have created “Death Causes Pedigree Charts” showing the cause of death for each ancestor.  I am working on creating a “Common Characteristics & Experiences Pedigree Chart” of my ancestors. 

As I learn more about them from things I read or hear and discover something I have in common with an ancestor, I add that to my chart.  It’s a work in process.  Some things are as simple as sharing a name or birth date.  Other things take more thought.   There are things that I have in common with many of my direct ancestors such as wearing glasses, but I try to use the things that are more unique with each person.  The more I learn, the more I can add to the chart.  No limits, for each ancestor there may be more than one thing we have in common. 

These charts were created for display here.  I'm only showing my Great Grandparents & their parents.  My real chart is in an Excel spreadsheet where I can add as much to each ancestor as I want.  I'd like to someday find out things like among my female ancestors who were registered voters and who held a drivers license.

This is a life-long project.  As I grow older different things may happen that I can add to the chart.  For instance, I may have the misfortune of suffering a stroke like several of them.  Or maybe someday I can add that I have celebrated my 100th birthday like my Great Great Grandmother Eliza.

Paternal Common Characteristics & Experiences Pedigree Chart
Maternal Common Characteristics & Experiences Pedigree Chart

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wedding Wednesday - March Weddings in my Family Tree

March 19th this year will be my parents' 55th wedding anniversary.   In their wedding photo album is the cutest photo - the candle lighters are holding back the bride while the maid of honor is kissing the groom on the cheek.  Everyone is playing their part well.  The candle lighters look scared, the bride looks angry and the maid of honor and the groom look like they are enjoying themselves.

They are one of 42 couples I have in my family tree who were married in March, six in my direct line.  March 17th and March 30th are the two most common dates with 4 couples each choosing that date.

Mom's Grandparents Cicero Bell & Allie (Spann) Vickery were married on March 17, 1901 in Kentucky.  This was the second marriage for both of them.  Cicero's first marriage was to Mittie Ramsey in 1891 and that marriage was also on March 17th. 

Mom's Great Grandparents, Josiah Negley & Sarah Lee, were married on March 5, 1871 in Buda, Illinois (March 5th was also her birthday).  They were married for 51 years.  Their original marriage certificate is framed and hangs in my house.

Dad has two sets of Second Great Grandparents who married in March.  First Heinrich Knapp & Caroline Schukky, were married in Germany on March 8, 1839.  Their marriage lasted until his death 53 years later.

Second James Gaisford & Anna Rich were married on March 28, 1838 in England.  At Anna's death in 1882, they had been married for over 44 years.

Dad's Seventh Great Grandparents Clement Corbin & Dorcas Buckminster of Woodstock, Connecticut were married on March 7, 1654.  Clement died during their 43rd year of marriage.

On March 31, 1657, James Bird & Lydia Steele were married in Farmington, Connecticut.  They were Dad's Eighth Great Grandparents.  Lydia died within two years, possibly from complications in childbirth.

It would be awesome to have a wedding photograph for any of these couples.  Even if it's just a plain-old pose like the bride & groom standing at the altar.