Bell / McGrath

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(Grandpa)  J Stanley Bell

(Great Grandparents)  Cicero Bell and Allie Spann

(Great Great Grandparents)
Martha Bell 
Benjamin Spann and Hiley Ann Decker

(Third Great Grandparents)
John Silas Bell and Rutha Simpson

Hartwell Spann and Mary ?
Abner Decker and Polly Garner

(Fourth Great Grandparents)
David Bell and Polly Adair
Reuben Simpson, Jr and Martha Merritt

William Spann and Letisha Hyde

George Decker and Sally Aisley
Henry Garner and Nancy Poole

(Grandma)  Violet McGrath 

(Great Grandparents)  Arthur McGrath and Sadie Negley

(Great Great Grandparents)  
John McGrath and Rachel Simmons
Josiah Negley and Sarah Lee

(Third Great Grandparents)
Arthur McGrath and R. McCarty
Lebius Simmons and Ruth Smith

John Negley and Ruth Foster
Charles Lee and Suzannah Case

(Fourth Great Grandparents)

Lebbeus Simmons and Esther Kelsey
Jonathan Smith and Rachel Simmons

Jacob Negley and Phoebe Hale
Richard Foster and Charity Johnstone

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