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2017 Year in Review - Accentuate the Positive

I was thinking about doing a "year in review" post when I discovered that Jill Ball, author of the GeniAus blog, has an annual year-end challenge she calls "Accentuate the Positive". This is my first year to take part in this. She has 20 sentence starters, but I will finish just a few of them. For all of Jill's prompts see her post Accentuate the Positive Geneameme 2017.

An illusive ancestor I found was... Potter Smith, father of Azor C Smith of Connecticut. According to the death certificate of John Potter Smith, his parents were Azor C Smith and Mehitable "Potter". An Ancestry hint showed a marriage record of Azor C Smith to Mehitable "Watrous". Further searching led me to a death record for Azor C Smith, whose father was named "Potter" Smith. I haven't confirmed this yet, but I believe the informant for the death certificate may have just assumed John's middle name came from his mother's maiden name.

A great newspaper article I found was... Years ago a fellow researcher gave me a date of December 24, 1879 for the death of Lebbeus Simmons, but could not tell me the source of that date. In nearly 20 years, I have never found the source. This year I posted a message in the Facebook group for the Fulton County, Illinois History & Genealogical Society for some help. The President of that society (and local DAR chapter Registrar) did some research for me and found the newspaper article announcing Lebbeus' death which happened on December 24, 1879. 

A geneajournal I took was... a one day stop in the little town of Peotone, Illinois spending some time in the library and a cemetery. Wasn't able to find a marriage date I had hoped to, but narrowed the date down to within a few weeks.

An important record I found was... Two women's death records that I consider very important 1) because records for women in the mid 1800's are very hard to find and 2) they both are in my direct line for the Patriot Libbeus Simmons. I've worked on this line for many years and these two documents were well worth the money I spent on getting them from a Civil War pension and Genealogybank. 

A newly found family member shared... photos of my Great Grandmother's sister, Laura Kyle and her family. I had a photo of people who I assumed were Laura and her family. I searched Ancestry and found a photo of Laura & Joseph Kyle and contacted the man who posted it. He helped me identify the people in a few photos and even had a copy of one of the photos I had which was labeled with the names.

A geneasurprise I received was... a photograph of my Great Grandparents Cicero & Allie Bell about the time of their marriage. A first cousin once removed sent it to me in the mail. It's an awesome photo!

My 2017 blog post that I was particularly proud of was... Two Different Frank Roscoe's  I was able to find several records to differentiate the two men.

A new piece of technology I mastered was... scanning slide film. I've had a scanner a long time, but had never figured out how to scan slides. Now I've added 900 digital photos to my collection.

I joined... several #genchat sessions this past year. They are informative, helpful and a lot of fun!

A DNA discovery I made was... not a discovery yet, but I might be on the right track about Isaac Burnett being somehow related to John Adair's wife Mary.  I'm working on finding her maiden name and with some of my matches having Isaac Burnett in their trees, I hope to discover the relationship.

I taught a genimate how to... well, I can't say for sure but I've tried to include some helpful things in the newsletter I edit for my local genealogical society. No one has told me they've learned anything, but there's a chance.

I am excited for 2018 for... the chance to get to the Midwest Genealogical Center in Independence, Missouri. I've wanted to go for a while and don't have set plans yet, but will try to get there.

Another positive I would like to share is...the volunteer services I've spent time doing like editing the newsletter and doing some transcription for articles in the Nebraska State Genealogical Society publications. Also a couple of blog posts for the Slave Name Roll Project.

My focus in 2018 will be on getting the last few needed documents for my fourth (and final) DAR supplemental. With this last one, all four of my Grandparents will be proven descendants of Revolutionary War Patriots - provided the one I sent in this year will be approved (supplementals take about a year to process). 

Nebraska sunset, August, 1961

Friday, December 22, 2017

Carrie Boggs & John Rickard Marriage License & Certificate

Marriage record obtained from the Nebraska State Historical Society

"State of Nebraska, 
County of Gage.    The State of Nebraska to any Person Legally Authorized to 
Solemnize Marriages, Greeting:
You are hereby authorized to join in the holy bonds of matrimony, and to celebrate within said County the rites and ceremonies of marriage between 

Mr. John S. Rickard
Miss Carrie E. Boggs

The father's name of the said John S. Rickard 
is David Rickard and the 
maiden name of his mother was Catherine Harmon and 
the father's name of the said  Carrie E.  Boggs 
is John Boggs and the maiden name
of her mother was Mary Knapp

The said John S. Rickard  resides in the
County of  Gage and State of  Nebraska; is aged 33 years, 
was born in Pennsylvania and is a white person. 

The said Carrie E. Boggs resides in the
County of  Gage and State of Nebraska; is aged 16 years,
was born in Ohio and is a white person.

And these presents shall be your good and sufficient warrant, and you are required to return this license to me within three months after the celebration of such marriage, with a certificate of the same appended thereto, signed by you, under a penalty of five hundred dollars, or imprisonment not exceeding one year. 

In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Seal of the County Court of said County of Gage, this 22nd day of December
A. D. 1892

W. S. Banner 
County Judge


State of Nebraska
Gage County
Be it Remembered, That at Beatrice in said County of Gage, on the 22nd 
day of December, A. D. 1892, Mr. John S. Rickard 
and Miss Carrie E. Boggs named in the foregoing license, were legally
united by me in the presence of F. E. Banner 
residing in the County of Gage and State of Nebraska, and
Robert Kyd residing in the County of 
Gage and State of Nebraska.
Witness my hand this 22nd day of December A. D. 1892

W. S. Banner [NAME]
County Judge [TITLE]"

My Relationship to:

Carrie E. Boggs: First Cousin 3 times removed
    The lineage:
  1. My Third Great Grandfather Heinrich Knapp
  2. My Second Great Grandmother Eliza Knapp Menke, sister of Mary Knapp Boggs
  3. My Great Grandfather Charles Albert Menke first cousin of Caroline E Boggs Rickard
  4. My Grandpa
  5. My Dad
  6. Me

Friday, December 8, 2017

Friday's Faces from the Past - G G Bruckert Photographer

G G Bruckert of Harvard, Nebraska took this photograph. Gustave & Emma Bruckert lived in Harvard in 1900 and by 1910 had moved to Thayer County.

I don't know who this couple is. To my knowledge, they are not related to me. I'm hoping someone who sees this will recognize them. They are likely from southern Hamilton or northern Clay Counties in Nebraska. It's another unidentified photograph from a collection that once belonged to my Great Grandma Sadie McGrath or her sister Alice Negley. 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Newspaper Clippings - Canton, Illinois, 1853

Several of my ancestors died in Fulton County, Illinois in the 1850's, '60's and '70's. Any record of their deaths has been very hard to come by. Earlier this year, I got the Canton Weekly Register on microfilm through inter-library loan to search for their names in death or other notices in the newspaper. Luck was not with me for anything on my family, but I snatched some random clippings with genealogy info to share so that my time spent might help someone else. Here are some from 1853.

Canton Weekly Register, March 5, 1853 
Died, in this place, on Wednesday, March 2d, ASA LEE DAVISON, M. D., aged 59 years and 3 months. 
Dr. DAVISON was born in Rensselaer county, New Yor in 1793. Before removing to this State he resided a number of years in Allegheny county, New York, where he filled several important offices. He afterwards resided in Ashland county, Ohio. He removed to Tazewell county, in this State, in 1833, and to Canton in 1840. He has been connected with this paper as one of the proprietors and senior editor for about two years. 
The deceased enjoyed a well earned reputation as a skillful physician and a faithful and able editor. We mourn the departure of a valuable citizen, a kind and affectionate husband and father. He whose skill has relieved the sufferings and prolonged the lives of many others, has himself fallen, in full strength, before the inexorable destroyer, which neither human skill nor anxious friends could arrest. 
By the sudden death of one so healthy and well known by us all, we are made to feel that we stand in the gate way of eternity, and that the Supreme Being who hold the keys, will soon pass us from this stage of life to the world of spirits. 
Died, on Wednesday, Feb. 23d, GEORGE THOMAS, only son of Joshua and Maria Wheeler, aged on year and twenty days. 
On the 20th December, at Winchester, Iowa, MRS. CATHERINE BAUMAN, aged 90 years and 8 months.

* * *

Canton Weekly Register, March 12, 1853 
"The silken tie, that binds two willing hearts." 
Married, on Wednesday, the 9th inst. by Rev. S. G. Miner, Mr. E. C. Emmons and Miss Z. A. BIDAMON, all of Canton. 
We wish this couple more joy than would lead a forty horse team.

* * *

Canton Weekly Register, March 19, 1853 
DIED, in Vermont, Fulton Co., Ill., March 7th HARRIET NEWEL, daughter of J. W. and J. A. Ward, late of the vicinity of Canton, in her fifteenth year, from taking cold after having the Measles. She lingered for several weeks, when she was taken down very violently, and after suffering 12 days, she calmly fell asleep in the arms of her Saviour, leaving her friends the best possible assurances that their loss was her eternal gain.
Calm on the bosom of thy God,
Dear spirit, rest thee now;
E'en while with ours thy footsteps trod,
His seal was on thy brow.
Dust, to its narrow home beneath,
Soul, to its rest on high,
They that have seen thy look in death,
No more should fear to die.

* * *

For my previous post with Newspaper Clippings - Canton, Illinois, 1852, click the link.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Walter Boone's Will

"In the name of God Amen,I, Walter Boone of Nelson County, Ky, being in a State of debility, But perfect in mind and memory do constitute and ordain this my last will and testament in the following manner to wit: 1st my will in the first place, that all my debts be faithfully paid of such property as my beloved wife Elizabeth Boone sees proper to dispose of for the same. 
  2nd I will and bequeath to my wife Elizabeth Boone all my land on which I lived and do? proposed of, also my negro man Harry, my house hold and kitchen furniture, and all my stock of horses, cattle, sheep and hogs, and farming utensils to be hers during her life to dispose as she pleases. 
And 3: It is my will that after the death of my beloved wife wife Elizabeth Boone, that my land and all that I have Willed to her, to belong to my son Henry Boone and his heirs to dispose of as he pleases. 
4th It is my will that my son Henry Boone to stay on the place and manage for his mother, So long as they can agree, and if they cannot agree, She can then do any thing that may but suit her Conserning the same. 
5th I will and bequeath to my ten older children each of them one dollar, viz Charles Boone's heirs, John Boone, Christopher Boone, Joseph Boone, Mary Peake's heirs and Henry Carcers? the above named sum of one dollar to be their and their heirs. 
In testimony whereof, I have to set my hand and seale this 16th day of January, one thousand eight hundred & forty seven.  Walter ^his mark^ Boone  {seal}   
Geo. Clark  
Joseph ^his mark^ Clayton  
Pius Hagan 

At a County Court begun and held for Nelson County At the Courthouse in Bardstown on the 12th day of April 1847This last will and testament of Walter Boone dec'd was Executed in Court proven by the Oath of Geo. Clark, a Subscribing witness thereto who also made oath that Joseph Clayton & Pius Hagan the other subscribing witnesses thereto Signed their names, to said will in his presence of and <----> Testator at his request, whereupon the said will is ordered to record.Attest Nath'l Wickliffe Olh"

Walter Boone was born in Prince George's County, Maryland before 1760. He and his wife, Mildred Edelin, were the parents of more than ten children, according to his Will. The only children named are: Charles, John, Christopher, Mary, Joseph and Henry. There may be an Inventory of his Estate to be found at Family Search, but I'm not finding the time to look for that. It will have to wait.

My Husband's Relationship to:

Walter Boone: Third Great Grandfather
    The lineage:
  1. My husband's Third Great Grandfather Walter Boone
  2. My husband's Great Great Grandfather Christopher Boone
  3. My husband's Great Grandfather Robert I Boone
  4. My husband's Grandmother Charlotte Boone
  5. My husband's Father
  6. My husband

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Wayne County, KY John Adair's Estate

The name John Adair is a common one. One John Adair was Governor of Kentucky 1820-1824. My ancestors were John Adair Sr who died in Knox County, Tennessee in 1827 and his son John Adair Jr who died in Wayne County, Kentucky in 1843.

In March of 2015 I wrote a post for the Slave Name Roll Project in which I included a part of John Adair Jr's Will. I have since found the entire Will online at both Family Search and Ancestry.  He names his "friend" Isaac Burnett as his Executor. I'm looking for the connection between John Adair's family and Isaac Burnett, his name appears in several documents relating to my ancestors. Witnesses were Mark Foster and John Hurt. The appraisers of the estate were Giles M Loyd, Isaac Cooper and Washington Young Sr., no known connection there but all bear looking into. The maiden name of John Adair's wife Mary is unknown and these names might be a clue.

"I, John Adair of the County of Wayne and State of Kentucky do hereby make my last Will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say, I desire that all my debts and funeral expenses be paid, after the payment of my just debts and funeral expenses I give
my daughter Polly Parmley my negro girl named Milley and her three children Julie Ann, William and Franklin & the clothing, beds & bedclothing that belongs to my house and a flax wheel.I also give my son John Adair my negro woman Hannah and half the price of my land.And the balance of my money ? and chattles I give and bequeath to Robert Parmley's children, to be equally divided among them.And lastly I do hereby constitute & appoint my friend Isaac Burnett executor of this my last Will and testament hereby revoking all other or former Wills or testaments by me here before made.In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & affixed my Seal this 6th day of October in the year One thousand eight hundred & forty two.Signed, Sealed & published & declared to be the last Will & Testament of the above named John Adair in presence of us   
Mark Foster John ^his mark^ Adair *Seal 
 John Hurt"

Also searching deep through the caverns of the Family Search catalog, I found the Inventory Appraisal of his Estate and the Sale Bill of the property sold.  In the Sale Bill, some of the names that are related to John are: Garner Parmley (his son-in-law), Polly Parmley (his daughter) and John Bell (his grandson). I used a "D" in place of what looks like "Dr" in the original handwritten list, I'm not sure but I believe it's meant to indicate that the person named bought the item listed. I've transcribed all 9 pages below as well as I could read it, here's page one just as an example.

Family Search, Appraisals, Inventories 1839-1853 Vol B

Starting mid-page 342:
"Inventory and appraisment
of the estate of
John Adair dec'd

Was at the January term of the Wayne County Court, 1844, filed for and ordered to be recorded and is in words and figures following viz -

Wayne County ?
 A true and just inventory and appraisment of all the personal estate of John Adair deceased which was produced to us by Isaac Burnett his Executor
1 Negro woman named Milley about 25 years old .....  400.00
1 Negro girl named Julia Ann 7 years old .....  250.00
1 Negro boy 5 years old named William .....  250.00
1 Negro boy 3 years old named Franklin..... 175.00
1 Negro woman named Hannah about 45 years old .....  200.00
1 Negro man named Andy about 60 years old .....  125.00
1 Bay mare   ..... 25.00
1 Bay horse  .....   10.00
Amount brot down   ...... $1435.00

342*  Amount brot forward .....   $1435.00
1 Bay horse mare  .....  21.00
1 Bay mare waggon  .... 30.00
1 yoke of oxen  .....  14.00
2 young steers  .....  8.00
6 cows & 2 calves & 2 heifers  .....  40.00
3 head of hogs shoats  .....  18.00
3 sheep and 1 bell  .....   2.00
1 Log chane  .....   4.00
3 Pair of harness & singletree and some old chains  .....  1.25
2 Bells  .........  .41 1/2
1 Cutting knife & 1 inch chisel  .....  1.00
1 foot ads & howell  .....  1.25
2 shovel plows  .....  1.25
1 Brand axe  .....  1.50
1 Rat trap  .....  .12 1/2
1 Brand chisel & 1 drawing knife and one old hand saw  .....  1.25
1 singletree & chains & rod and tang plow  .....  1.00
2 old axes & 1 three grater auger  .....  1.25
1 hose 1 grubing hoe  .....  .75
1 Raw hide  .....  1.00
1 Pair of hand irons & 1 wedge  .....  1.25
1 Tub 1 pail 2 piggins ......  1.12 1/2
2 skilets  .....  .50
1 Pot rack 1 shovel  .....  1.37 1/2
1 Pot  .....   1.50
1 Tub 3 old pails 1 old churn  .....  .50
2 ovens 2 lids 1 kitel .....  2.00
1 mare saddle ...... 5.00
1 womans saddle  .........  8.00
1 Gun  .............. 4.00
1 Kittle  .....  2.00
1 Clock  ..... 8.00
2 Chest 1 table  .....  5.50
4 Chairs 1 soap stand ...... 1.00
2 jugs 2 jars 2 crocks ..... 2.00
1 Lot of cupboard furniture  .....  3.00
1 Bar of Iron  .....  .75
2 tin trunks 1 pocket book  ..... 1.50
3 Beds and furniture  .....  25.00
2 Pair of sheep shears  ...... 1.00
1 Pair of Hyllands & Hung Plow one rod and 1 half inch auger  ..... 2.00
Amount brot down
*Should be 343

344  Amount brot over
Cash on hand  .....32.61

Notes and accounts towit,
One note on Isaac Burnett calling for one thousand dollars due the 1 day of March 1844...1000.00
One note Robert Parmley calling for one hundred and thirty five dollars due 23 of Sept 1844 ... 135.00
One on Garner Parmley calling for eighty five dollars due the 19 of February 1838  ...... 85.00
One on John S. Bell for forty five dollars due 1838  .....  45.00
One Note on Garner Parmley for fifty five dollars due 24 of December 1837, with credit on it for twenty seven dollars paid 15th October
One Note on Garner Parmley for one hundred dollars due the 16th day of March 1833  ..... 100.00
One Note on Hiram Gregory for thirty two dollars 19 cents due 16 of Juen 1839  ....  32.19
One Note on James Sandusky calling for twenty three dollars due 9th of March 1840  .....  **
One smoothing iron ........  .62
One lot of Corn judged to be 24 barrels ......  16.00
1 flax wheel 1 chec reel 1 sifter 1 bread tray  .....  3.00

I do certify that the foregoing inventory contains all the personal estate of John Adair dec'd which hath come to my hands at this time on Beaver Creek.
Isaac Burnett

We do certify that the foregoing appraisment was truly and justly made of the personal property of John Adair deceased which was produced to us by his Executor to the best of our judgement all of which we respectfully report to the Wayne County Court.
Given under our hands this the 8th day of December 1843.
Giles W. Loyd
Isaac Cooper
Washington Young Sr
**Amount not listed in the column

345  Wayne County Ky
A true and just inventory and appraisment of all personal estate John Adair deceased which was produced to us by Isaac Burnett his Executor
One Clock five dollars  .....  5.00
2 Stills and ivories 18 tubs 1 dollars  ..... 16.00
1 brill syths 2 bells one ax 75 cts  .....  .75
2 Sythes Cradles one dollar  .....  1.00
6 Tubs at one dollar 37 1/2 cts  .....  1.37 1/2
1 Lot of plonder at  .....   .75
2 Plows and ot of plonder  .....  2.00
1 Steel trap one dollar  .....  1.00
1 Loom one dollar & fifty Cents  .....  1.50
2 Wheels 1 tub 1 bellow  .....  1.50
1 Cupboard six dollars  .....  6.00
3 Books at fifty cents  ....  .50
1 Sheep at fifty cents  .....  .50
12 Hogs at twelve $ fifty cents  .....  12.50
...................... $50.37 1/2

I do certify that the foregoing inventory contains all the personal estate of John Adair deceased which hath come to my hands at this time on the Little South fork.
Isaac Burnett

We do certify that the foregoing appraisment was truly and justly made of the personal property of John Adair deceased which was produced to us by his executor to the best of our judgement all of which we respectfully report to the Wayne County Court.
Given under our hands this the 16 day of December 1849.
Isaac Cooper
Washington Young Sr
Washington Young Jr

346 Sale Bill of the estate of
John Adair dec'd
Was at the January term of the Wayne County Court 1844 filed and ordered to be recorded and is as follows

1st Garner Parmley D for a lot of hogs ..... 18.50
John W Higginbottham D. for a waggon ...... 25.00
C S Higgenbottham one lock chain  .....  4.00
Isaac Cooper D for Sheep .....  1.00
Garner Parmley D for a yoke of oxen .....  10.00
John Parmley D for two steers  .....  8.50
William Heriford D for one cow  .....   4.75
Isaac Cooper D for two cows .....  7.25
T J Cooper D for 2 cows 1 calf  .....  6.18 3/4
Washington Young D for 1 cow 2 heifers  .....  5.68 3/4
T J Cooper D for one bay mare  ......  15.00
C S Higgenbottham D for one bay mare  ......  10.25
Garner Parmley D for one horse  .......  2.00
Garner Parmley D for oxen   .....  1.25
Jacob M Cooper D  - - - -  .....  1.50
Isaac Cooper D for one hand saw  ...... .12 1/2
Washington Young D for a lot of tools  .....  2.31 1/4
Garner Parmley D for a lot of tools  ......  1.77
Garner Parmley D for a pair of Shylands  ......  .50
Wm A Wright D for one pot and skillet   .....  1.38
Wm A. Wright D for one lot of plunder  ...... 1.00
John Morrow D for one lot of plunder   .....  1.40
John Bell D for a braid axe and auger  ...... 1.70
Washington Young D for a lot of plunder  ......  1.10
William Carter D for 1 kittle and iron  .....  2.12 1/2
William Bell D for a mans saddle  ......  2.62 1/2
Thomas Baker D for one saddle  .......  4.00
John Parmley D one gun  ....... 3.31 1/4
William A Wright D for a lot of plunder  ...... .81
Garner Parmley D for a lot of cover  ......  10.00
Washington Young D for 1 pocket Book  .....  .18 3/4
John Morrow D for 1 lot of plunder  .....  1.70
2nd James Parmley D for one block  ..... 3.50
John Parmley D for one still worn & eight tubs .....  5.25
Robert Parmley D for one still & nine tubs  .....  2.00
Washington Parmley D for one lot of tools .....  1.06 1/4
Edward Young D for one sythe cradle .....  .50
Washington Parmley D for one sythe cradle  .....  .37 1/2
Jonathan Burnett D for 6 tubs  .....  1.00
Jacob Sandusky D for one lot of tubs  ..... 1.18 3/4

347 Amount brot forward

James Parmley D for one plow  ......  1.00
Washington Young Jr D for one plow  ..... 1.00
Washington Young Jr D for one steel trap  ...... 1.06 1/4
Isaac Burnett for one cupboard  ...... 6.00
James Parmley D for 2 wheels & one bellows  .....  2.50
Jonathan Burnett d --one cupboard--  ..... ***
James Parmley D
Jonathan Burnett D for one ? four dollars ..... 4.00
William Crabtree d for one sheep  .....  .56 1/4
Jeremiah Burnett d for three books  ......  .37 1/2
Isaac Burnett D for 12 head of hogs  ......  12.50
A list of the remainder of property sold on Beaver Creek, at the last sale
[Transcription by Laura Mattingly, Old Trunk in the Attic]
William Sear D for one clock  .....  4.00
Garner Parmley D for 2 trunks  .....  .87 1/2
Garner Parmley for chest  .....  .62 1/2
Garner Parmley D for 5 chairs  ......  .86 1/4
Polly Parmley D 1 reel 1 wheel  .......  .18 3/4
William Sarr D 1 set of plates & forks 3  .....  1.06 1/4
William Sarr D 1 dish 3 glasses  ...... .62 1/2
William Sarr D for 1 lot of ware  ...... .50
William Sarr D for 1 pitcher  ...... .50
Garner Parmley D for 1 table  ...... .50
Galeon Socker D for 1 chest  .....  2.63 1/2
William Herriford D 1 pocket compass  ..... .10

Settlement with the --Executor--^ Administrator of the estate of
John Adair Dec'd
Was at the          term of the Wayne County Court 184__  Ordered to be recorded and is in these words and figures towit.
Upon the application of Isaac Burnett and Robert Parmley administrators of the estate of John Adair dec'd (who were both present) the undersigned two of the commissioners appointed by the Wayne County Court to state and settle the accounts of executors, administrators and guardians, within the County of Wayne, did on Thursday the 8th day of
*** Looks like 6.00 was erased

348   January 1846 meet at the Clerk's office in Monticello, for the purpose of stating, and settling the accounts of said administrators, and it appearing from the Sheriff's return upon the summons filed herein against the heirs, distributors and Guardians that the same had not been served. It is therefore agreed between said Commissioners, and said Administrators that an alias summons issue against said hears and Guardians returnable to the 24th day of January 1846 and that all further action herein on the part of said commissioners be suspended until the said 24th day of January 1846 and then to agreeable at the above renamed place for the purpose of making said settlement.
W Simpson Court

And whereas afterwars towit, on the 24th day of January 1846 said commissioners and said Administrators assembled for the purpose above named (the alias summons issued herein having been regularly served according to law and proceeded to the discharge of their duties and report as follows viz.
1st said Commissioners upon an examination of this sale bill of the personal property returned and recorded, of the estate of the said John Adair dec'd bearing date the     day of      18     a certified copy of which is herewith filed as an exhibit in this settlement that said administrators are chargeable to this sum of 212.77 1/4

Said Commissioners upon an examination of the Inventory and appraisment list returned and recorded in the County, a certified copy of which is herewith filed as an exhibit in this settlement, that said Administrators are chargeable to the further sum for cash on hand 32.61
To One Note on Isaac Burnett due the first day of March 1844 for   ..............  1000.00
" One do on same due 16th day of Dec 1843
   per additional Inventory of Notes (B)  ..............................................................  19.06 1/4
" One do Robert Parmley due 23rd Sept 1844  ..................................................  135.00
" One do on do Due 3rd Dec 1843
   per additional Inventory of Notes C   ................................................................. 40.00
      Amount brot down  ...................................................................................  $1439.44 1/2

349  Amount brot forward  $1439.44 1/2
One Note on Robert Parmley Inventory of Notes D  .....  2.00
   due 15 Dec 1843
T  One do on Garner Parmley due 19th Feby 1835  ..... 85.00
     Interest on same list 13th July 1844
T  On do on same due 24th Dec 1831 for $55
     with a credit of $27 pd 15th Oct bal & interest  .....  49.14
T One note on Garner Parmley due the 16th March
     1833 on which was brought in the Wayne 
      Circuit Court by Said Admrs and on
      which Judgment was rendered at the
     April Term 1844 for $100 Subject to a
     Credit of $50 paid 16th March 1833
     balance principal of $50
     Interest on same 34
          Balance   .....  84.00
T  One do on John S Bell due 1838  .....  45.00
T  One do on Hiram Gregory due 16th June 1839
     $32.19 with a credit of $10 pd 17 August 1844
     balance including interest   .....  33.94
T  One Note on James Sandusky due 9th March 1840  .....  23.00
     Interest collected on same   .....  3.00
T  One Cupboard on Inventory not sold  .....  6.00
T  12 head hogs  .....  12.50

          Amt of delinq (?)  ........  $1815.63 1/2

Said Commissioners now find and allow said administrators the following Credits per vouchers and receipts to us produced & numbered and herewith filed viz - 
By Note on John S Bell due 1838 which was discharged by the obligor. by a Plea of infancy as per Certificate, of Giles W. Loyd JP. before whom the Cause was tried  .....  45.00
By Fee bill pd M. P. Buster Ds  .....  .84
"  "  "  pd Wm Harder J.P.  .....  .37 1/2
"  "  "  "  G W Loyd J.P.  .....  1.12 1/2
"  "  "  "  Shff W C  .....  1.67
"  "  "  "  do  do  ....  .80
Amt Paid G W Loyd for Coffin  .....  4.00
"  "  Thos Baker, Crying property  .....  1.50
"  "  do  do  Serving notices  .....  4.00
Fee bill pd C. I. Higginbottham J. P.  ....  1.00
Paid Washington Younger appraiser  .....  4.50
"  Isaac Cooper  same  .....  4.50
"  G W Loyd     same  .....  1.50
Amt of Credits brot down  .......... $70.81

350 Amount of Credits brot over    $70.81
Paid Washington Young Jr appraiser  .....  1.00
"  Harry Chrisman witness  .....   .50
"  Wm Redman ac  ......   .37 1/2
"  Miles Gregory SWC  .....  1.75
"  Wm P Gooding work on graves  .....   20.00
"  Joseph Beck fee bill  .....   .25
"  Amount pd F. P. Stone atty at law
     $25 pr receipt filed, Adm. however
     only instilled to a Credit of $20 as
     $5 was taxes in bill of costs & collected  .....  20.00
By a Judgment and costs in favor of Hiram Gregory in the office of W. P. Harder  ..... 5.49
" Taxes pd Shff for 1841  .....  5.99
" Clerks fee bill 1844  .....  2.75
"  do  "   "   1844  .....  4.62
"  do  "   "   1843  .....  3.81
"  do   "   "   1845  .....  3.90
"  do   "   "   1846  .....  4.50
Amount pd Comms for making this Settlement three days Service  .....  9.00
Said Commissioners find from an examination of an article of settlement between the heirs of John Adair dec'd bearing date 25th April 1844 a copy of which is herewith filed that the Costs of a Inst brought in the Wayne Circuit Court by the Guardian and heirs of Robert Adair dec'd to set aside the Will of John Adair dec'd, and which pursuant to said agreement was dismissed at the April term 1844, were to be paid out of the estate of the said John Adair dec'd. We therefore allow said administrators an account filed by Thomas Baker Guardian for Robert Adair's heirs pd S Beard and Jacob B Calling for advising and bringing and prosecuting the above named Inst.  .....   80.00
By Account due Isaac Burnett for Keeping and     
     feeding hogs .....  6.00
     Shffs fee bill 1844  .....  9.92
Said Commissioners allowments said Adms for their services and trouble in administering on and winding up Collecting and disbursing said estate the sum of eight per Anton (?)  .....  $815.63
     Amount of Credit brot down  .....  $316.61

351  Amount of Credit brot forward  ....  $316.61

and four percent on the $1000.00 owed by Isaac Burnett to said estate as compensation for disbursing said $1000  ......  $40.00

Amount of Debit brot down  .....  $1815.63 1/2
Amount of Credit deducted  .....   $356.61
Leaving in Adms hands the sum of   .....  $1459.02 1/2
Fourteen hundred and 59 dollars & two cents
Given under our hands this 27th day of January 1846.
Wm Simpson
M Phillips    Coms"

My Relationship to:

John Adair: Fifth Great Grandfather
    The lineage:
  1. My Fifth Great Grandfather: John Adair Jr
  2. My Fourth Great Grandmother: Mary "Polly" Adair Bell
  3. My Third Great Great Grandfather: John Silas Bell
  4. My Great Great Grandmother: Martha Bell
  5. My Great Grandpa: Cicero Bell
  6. My Grandpa
  7. My Mom
  8. Me

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Christopher Boone's Will

Christopher Boone's Will found at Family Search

In the name of God the Lord AmenI Christopher Boon make this my last will and testament - I wish my daughter Margaret the wife of William Boon, and my daughter Susan each to have a hundred dollars set apart for them above an equal division of the rest. I then make an equal division of my estate with all of my children, except my son William's children who have got as mutch as I intend giving them.  June the 13th 1865Christopher BoonWitnessesHenry SutherlandWm Sutherland
At a County Court held for Nelson County on the 13th day of May 1873, this paper writing purporting to be the Last Will and Testament of Christopher Boon, deceased was produced in open Court and duly proven by the oath of Henry Sutherland a subscribing witness thereunto who also proved the signature of William Sutherland the other subscribing witness to said writing who signed the same in the presence of and at the request of said Testator, and all being in the presence of each other & etc. whereupon said will was ordered to be recorded.Att J D Elliott ClkNelson County Court

Christopher Boone
Born in 1792 in Prince George's County, Maryland, the son of Walter Boone & Mildred Edelen, Christopher Boone died maybe just before May 13, 1873 in Nelson County, Kentucky.  He farmed in Nelson county for over 40 years.

He was married to Ann Rhodes on October 2, 1824 in Nelson County.  He was survived by four daughters,  Mary Louise Wimsett, Mary Loucretia Fowler, Margaret Boone and Susannah Elizabeth Boone and two sons, Henry M., and Robert I.  He was preceded in death his eldest son, William Ignatius in 1864.

See also my previous post on my husband's "Boone Ancestors". 

My Husband's Relationship to:

Christopher Boone: Second Great Grandfather
    The lineage:
  1. My husband's Great Great Grandfather Christopher Boone
  2. My husband's Great Grandfather Robert I Boone
  3. My husband's Grandmother Mary Frances Charlotte Boone
  4. My husband's Father Joseph Hamilton Mattingly
  5. My husband