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Catherine Elizabeth Mattingly 1907-1936

Lottie, Catherine & Ham Mattingly
110 years ago on June 21, 1907 William Alfred Bryant Mattingly and his wife Lottie of Marion County, Kentucky had a daughter they named Catherine Elizabeth. She was my husband's Aunt, but she died before he was born. She had two older brothers, William Robert and Benedict Boone; two older sisters, Mary Etta and Eliza Celeste; and a baby brother Joseph Hamilton, who was two years younger. She also had two older half siblings, John Raymond and Josephine Mattingly. A half-sister, Gertrude, died before Catherine was born and her father died before she turned three. They all lived in Marion County, Kentucky.

"Young Woman Succumbs

Miss Catherine E. Mattingly, 29 years old, passed away at 4:00 o'clock Tuesday morning at the home of D. A. and W. B. Bickett on the National Cemetery Road near Calvary where she had made her home with her mother, Mrs. Lottie Mattingly, for sixteen years.  Her death was due to bonchial (sic) pneumonia which developed following a ten months illness of a complication of diseases.  
Miss Mattingly was graduated from the Calvary High School in 1928, after which she took a nurses' training course at a hospital in St. Louis, Mo.  Later she went to Indianapolis, Ind., where she served at St. Francis' Hospital until forced by ill health to give up her work and return home.  She was a daughter of the late William A. Mattingly, and Mrs. Lottie Boone Mattingly, and was born in this county June 21, 1907.  She was a faithful member of Holy Mary's Catholic Church at Calvary and was a young woman possessing many traits which endeared her to a wide circle of friends.  
Besides her mother, she is survived by one sister, Mrs. Virgil Dennison of Indianapolis, Ind.; three brothers, Boone Mattingly of Louisville and Robert and Hamilton Mattingly of Lebanon, and one half-brother, Raymond Mattingly of Louisville.  
Funeral services were held at 9:00 o'clock yesterday morning at Holy Mary's Church at Calvary by the Rev. Robert Canty, and burial was in Holy Mary's Cemetery. 
The pallbearers were:  Garland Luckett, Paul Bland, Joseph Ford, George Spalding, Vincent Spalding and Kelly Thomas."

It is now known that what Catherine went to St Louis, Missouri for was to have a child. She lived at the "St. Ann's Widow's Home, Lying-In Hospital and Foundling Asylum". Catherine's son was born in November, 1928. He found his birth family in the 1990's, too late to meet his birth mother. 

On October 13, 1936 Catherine passed away at only 29. Her official cause of death was "carcinoma of breast, with general metastosis".   She had fought breast cancer for 2 years.

Along with the death certificate, obituary and papers from St. Ann's Home, that my sister-in-law had in a file was this poem.  The author is unknown, she may have written this herself. 

A Broken Hearted Girl

I am dreaming, dreaming dear,
Wondering here tonight
Thinking only dear, of you
In the moon-light

Some day you'll be sorry
And think of what I've said
Yes, you will think of me
When I'm dead 

How my heart is sad and broken?
How I long and sigh and pine?
How the memories come stealing?
How I think of the flight of time?

It will be too late I fear
When you will think and do what's right
Now you'll remember this I've said
Here in the moonlight

December 15, 1928

She was reunited with her son when he passed away in 2014. 

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Trying to Match Faces to Names

Along with the photo in my last post, there were five other Tintype photographs, also unidentified, among the possessions of Art & Sadie McGrath. Believing these people may be family, I've got some ideas on who they MIGHT be. I looked at the families of the brothers and sisters of Art & Sadie and both of their parents. We have some identified photos of members of Sadie's side of the family, so I have compared them and I don't see much resemblance. These photos look like they were all taken before 1900. According to Wikipedia, Tintypes started losing commercial ground in the mid 1860's, yet survived for well over another 40 years mostly as a carnival novelty. So it's possible that these are from the 1880's or 1890's. 

This group of a family including parents, 6 children and a young woman may be the easiest one to determine who they could be. I assume the man has his hand on the shoulder of his wife, and the young woman in the hat seems to be a few years older than the children and may not be a sibling. She could be a relative or she could be someone they took in to help with the children.  The two girls, one on each side of the adult women, look about the same age or within a few years. So I looked for a family with at least six children where two girls are the oldest.  

One family I found was Levi and Minnie Patterson's. Minnie's full name was Arminda Ruth, she was the second oldest sister of Art McGrath. Ruth Webb, who was possibly the woman in my last post was her Grandmother. Levi and Minnie's family started with a girl, then another girl, then boy, boy, girl, boy - the last boy was born in 1890. This photo could have been taken about 1891 or 1892 judging by the smallest child in the middle. Levi & Minnie's family moved from Illinois to Nebraska about 1885. So if this is them, the picture was taken in Nebraska. 

One other possible family that might match this photo is the David Foster Negley family.  The children in that family start out with three girls, then three boys. It's hard to say if the boy in the forefront looks older than the younger girl on the right. Those Negley children were born between 1869 and 1882 with three years between the two oldest girls. These girls look closer in age than that to me. Most of the other Negley family photos we have are the Carte de Visite type.

I think the age order of these 3 children goes girl, boy, girl.  One related family that starts out that way is the William and Rebecca Smith family. Rebecca is Art McGrath's oldest sister. Their third child was born in 1887, the younger girl looks about two or three years old. The next girl they had died in 1890. Again, this picture may have been taken about 1891 or 1892.

For comparison, I know the young woman on the right is Elizabeth, the oldest daughter of William and Rebecca Smith. Can this be the same girl?

Maybe I'm stuck thinking along the same family line, but IF the family group is Arminda McGrath's, and the children belong to Rebecca McGrath, could I expect to find a photo of William and Rebecca (McGrath) Smith?

The couple in this photo and the next one look to me like they could be the same, below just a few years later. It really could be anyone. 

Below it looks like a boy on the man's lap, and I can barely see a ruffle and two little feet on the woman's lap (it's much easier to see when zoomed in closer).  It's impossible to tell with the damage to the photo. There's no face, but I really think there's a little girl there, older than the boy. Could the children in the photo below be the oldest two in the photo of the three children above? 

Another comparison look - the woman on the right is Rebecca (McGrath) Smith.

Arthur McGrath had no other siblings. The woman below could be anyone. She is wearing what looks like a ring on a chain hanging from her neck.  She does have a band on her wedding ring finger.  Sitting on a chair leaning on a table, she looks to me like she is in her early to mid 20's. 

We will never really know who they are unless someone else has the same or similar photos. I can't say for sure, but I think that these photos are all of the McGrath side of the family. I believe they belonged to Rachel McGrath at one time, the mother of Rebecca, Arminda and Arthur.  

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Not Susannah, But Maybe Ruth?

Possibly Ruth Smith-Simmons-Webb
In the past I have written two posts about this photo and that my Grandma thought it was a picture of her Great Grandmother Susannah Case Lee. I have edited those posts - Sarah Mariah Matilda Lee and A Little About Charles Lee and Susannah to note that I don't agree with that anymore, I will explain why.

I have had a professional archivist look at the actual photograph and know now that it IS a "Tin Type". The Tin type process was first started in France in 1853, and was patented in the US in 1856. It's not likely that this is a picture of a woman who died in 1851. Grandma's idea was a good one, but she just didn't know.  

Now I'm looking at other possibilities of who this woman could be. Grandma found the picture in her parents, Art & Sadie McGrath's, house so we feel sure this woman would be someone in the family. Grandma thought she was Sadie's maternal Grandmother, Susannah. I have a photo of Sadie's paternal Grandmother and know that it's not her.  But what if she's one of Art's Grandmothers? 

I'm estimating the date of this photo to be around 1860, give or take a few years. The dress style is similar to what I find from the Civil War time period. I think the woman in the photo looks like she may be in her 30's or 40's.  

Ruth Smith was born about 1820 to Jonathan & Rachel Smith in either Maine or Pennsylvania.  She first married Lebius Simmons about 1840. Their oldest daughter, Rachel, is Art McGrath's mother. Four other children were born to Lebius and Ruth - Mary Rosilla, Louisa, William and Ruth Maria. They all lived in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. Lebius died sometime between 1852 and 1854. 

In Ritchie County, Virginia on July 1, 1854 Ruth married Cyrus Webb. Cyrus and Ruth had four more children - Milbourn, Jesse, Sarah and Franklin. I have just learned that Ruth died just 10 days after Franklin's birth at about age 43 in 1863.  So could this photo be of Ruth, taken sometime between 1856 and 1863?

When Ruth Webb died, she had six children under 18. Her husband Cyrus died within a few months.  Her two oldest daughters, Rachel and Mary Rosilla were both married, but Mary Rosilla died within a couple of years.  Rachel is likely the one who first had the photo.

Art was the youngest and last child at home, living with his parents in Cozad, Nebraska when Rachel died in 1896. By 1900, Art had moved to Clay County near his oldest sister. He may have taken this photo (and more that I'm working on) with him when he left home.

Just so I cover all the bases, Art's paternal Grandmother, R. (McCarty) McGrath, would have been at least 49 years old in 1860. (I say "R" because that's all I know, but I'm betting it stands for Rebecca.)  She lived in Ireland and as far as I know, she never came to the US. Does this woman look Irish?

All thoughts are welcome and I apologize for creating any confusion. I was clear in my earlier posts that I wasn't sure who the woman in the photo was and I still can't be sure.

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"Shot Through the Knee"

My Great Grandpa Arthur McGrath was involved in a little excitement in his younger days (he was almost 20 years old). This happened May 23rd, only three weeks before his mother passed away on June 14th in 1896. 

Cozad Tribune, Friday, May 29, 1896, pg 1 

On last Saturday evening Leonard Whaley while on his way to Harry Burnett's farm 6 miles east of town where he was employed, accidentally shot himself through the knee joint of the left leg.
He and Arthur McGrath had come to town in the evening after supper, and Burnett had told Leonard to shoot a dog which had been breaking up setting hens, and while going home, thinking that would be a good time to kill the dog, he drew a .38 self-cocking revolver from his pocket and shot at the dog.  The noise of the gun frightened the team and they started up so suddenly as to cause the spring seat to tip over backwards and Leonard, with the revolver in his hand and his body in the reclining position caused by the upturned seat, grabbed for a tighter hold on the lines, the grasp causing the revolver to be discharged the ball entering the inside of his leg above the knee and passing through the thigh bone and knee joint lodging in the top of the shin bone.
McGrath, returned to town and summoned Dr. Fochtman, upon whose advice Burnett brought Whaley to the Commercial hotel.  Dr. Rosenberg, of Lexington, was sent for and arrived Sunday afternoon; Dr. Smith, of Gothenburg, was also wired and the ball removed, also some small pieces of fractured bone.
It was decided not to amputate the leg.  The accident is a very serious one and under the most favorable circumstances will at least result in a stiff knee joint.
Leonard is resting very well and the prospects are that he will recover as speedily as could be expected.

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Newspaper Clippings - Canton, Illinois, 1852

In my last post I mentioned that I searched the Canton (Illinois) Weekly Registers on microfilm and found nothing for my own research. I didn't have time to grab everything with genealogical reference, but I randomly saved a few mentions of deaths and/or marriages. Someone might as well get some good out of the time I spent on this. So I've transcribed what I could of these clippings. You can see they were sometimes very difficult to read. Long obituaries were a rare occurrence. Most "columns" of deaths or marriages were the shorter type, like below.

January 23, 1852

MARRIED - On Thursday the 15th inst. by Rev. JOHN LUCCOCK, Mr. JESSE COLLINS to Mrs. JANE R. WALTERS, all of this county.

DIED - In Farmington, Fulton County, Ills., on Wednesday evening, January 14th, EDWARD S. BERSON, aged 26 years.The deceased was a native of Frederick County Virginia, but emigrated to Ohio in 1831 and in May 1850 removed to Illinois.
It is a melancholy office for one who has known him long, and loved him well, to recount the virtues and worth of one who has passed away from us forever; but the promptings of a friendship tried and true, and of a sorrow most heartfelt, suggests something more than the bare announcement of his death. Beloved by all who knew him, he was especially endeared to those who, in the social circle, had the most frequent opportunities of knowing his noble heart, and appreciating his generous character. In all the relations of life, as a husband, a father, and a friend - he ever carries those same amiable qualities, which, while they gave a brilliancy and a charm to his company, seemed(?) to fix, most firmly in the recollection of all, an appreciation of his own inherent goodness. Seldom are we called to mourn the departure of one whose loss is so keenly and deeply felt by all.

* * *

July 10, 1852

DIED, on the 1st instant, at his residence, two miles northeast of Canton, Mr. TIMOTHY NORRIS, aged 19 years.
Again are we called upon to mourn the loss of another good citizen. As a husband and father, he was kind and affectionate in the highest degree. As a citizen, his uprightness, his sterling honesty, and his unflinching integrity, were proverbial with all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance; his modest and unassuming manners won the esteem and respect of an extensive circle of acquaintances. But few men in our community ever enjoyed such a degree of confidence and respect as sis Mr. NORRIS when living, and but few men have been taken from among us whose deaths were as sincerely regretted as his. Truly, indeed, may it be said, that he died without a single enemy, with a character pure, spotless and unblemished.

* * *

September 18, 1852
"The silken tie, that binds two willing hearts"
MARRIED, on the 9th inst. by the Rev. E. Schwartz, Mr. CHARLES PANNESTOCK, to Miss MELIANA KERR, both of Lancaster, Peoria county.
DIED, on Thursday, the 9tn inst., of cholera [?] Mrs. MARGARET BASS, wife of  Mr. Jason M. Bass, of this place, aged sixty five years.
Mrs. Bass was born in Bergen county, New Jersey; spent the early part of her life in the city of New York, and the last fifteen years in this place. With her husband and daughter she had spent the past season, with much satisfaction, visiting their friends at the East. Returning, and when near home, on board a steamer on the Illinois river, she was taken ill, and in a few hours expired. Her remains were put in a metallic coffin and brought to this place for interment. These peculiar circumstances of her death have greatly deepened the grief in the hearts of her stricken husband, family and friends. Her sun went not down at noon; her journey was not short; her life was not in vain. She professed faith in Jesus Christ while residing in New York, and adorned that profession by the exhibition of some of the most lovely graces. Active, faithful and affectionate as a wife and a mother, with a cheerful countenance and prudent hand, she moved in her sphere with gentleness and power. Kind to all, meek and ever ready to overlook the frailties of others, she endeared herself to a large circle of acquaintances, who deeply sympathize with the bereaved family. As her life was peaceful, so was her death. And though called so unexpectedly, she left her counsel and prayer of kindness and peace, and with raised hands whispered, "Happy, happy," as her spirit sunk to rest. This brightness of hope dispels the gloom from her grave, and like the oil of joy, soothes the sorrows of her mourning friends.

* * *

October 2, 1852
DIED, on the 20th September last, in Canton township, Mr. JOHN A. LANE, in the sixty-first year of his age.  Mr. Lane was sick but nine days. He died of dysentery. In his death the family and neighborhood have sustained a great loss.

* * *

October 9, 1852

"The silken tie, that binds two willing hearts."
MARRIED, on Tuesday, 2d inst., by Rev. B. C. Swarts, Mr. JONATHAN M. DURHAM, and Miss MARY ANN BROWN, both of Fulton county.
Cake received.

MARRIED, on the 26th, ult., at Fairfield, Iowa, by the Rev. D. N. Smith, W. Y. HEAD, of the "Democratic State Journal" office, Sacramento City, California, and Miss PHERUBA PATRICK, formerly of Ross county, Ohio.

MARRIED, on the 4th inst., at the residence of E. S. Head, two miles South of Canton, by the Rev. B. C. Swarts, Dr. SAMUEL S. GUTHER and Miss SOPHRONIA HEAD, all of this county.

* * *

November 6, 1852

"The silken tie, that binds two willing hearts."
MARRIED, on Sunday(?) 7th inst., (?) township, by Rev. Mr. Maple, Mr. HESATONY(?) J. WHITMORE and Miss ANN AMELIA (?) SEYDAN, both of this county.
A long and happy life to the youthful pair.

MARRIED, in Canton, on the 10th inst., by Rev. S. G. Miner, Mr. HAYDEN KEELING and Miss CATHERINE SNELL.
At the same time, by the same Mr. LEWIS KEELING and Miss ELIZABETH A. WHITE, all of this place.
Cake received, and all right.

MARRIED, on the 24th October, by Rev. Wm McCandlish, Mr. JOSIAH SCHENCK, to Miss SOPHIA ROBERTSON, all of Fairview.

MARRIED, on the 28th October, by the same, Mr. GEORGE ADAMS, to Miss CAROLINE RUBLE, all of Farmington.

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Newspaper Clippings - List of Letters

For anyone who may be interested, the Canton (Illinois) Weekly Register in the mid 1800’s was not a “newsy” newspaper as far as genealogy is concerned. There isn’t much social news. I did an inter-library loan from the Abraham Lincoln Library in Springfield and for $5.00 I received 3 rolls of microfilm, all of the Canton Weekly Register from 1850 through about 1872.  I did my best to look at all of it, but so much of the ink was so faded the pages could hardly be read at all. 

I was hoping to find a mention of the marriage of John McGrath and Rachel Jane Simmons, telling where they went to get hitched.  I was also hoping to find mentions of the deaths of Ruth Webb, her daughter Mary Rosilla Davee, and possibly Rosilla Mills or Lebius Simmons.  ANY mention of any of those people or their families would have been great to find.  What did I get?

One name in a List of Letters.

From the Canton Weekly Register, December 21, 1863 (as near as I can decipher):

REMAINING in the Post Office at Canton, Ill., on 21st of December, 1863, which, if not called for by the 28th of December, 1863, will be sent to the Dead Letter Office:
Alletal, Isaac                                         Ferrer, E A Mrs
Akin, E M Hutton, Henderson
Burton, A Kent, Geo N
Black, Anson                                        Krifflas, J F
Bailey, B B                                           Kline, J
Copple, David                                      Laurt, Saline Miss
Copple, Syntha Laman, Seman
Clawson, J A                                        Murphy, Wm H
Campbell, N                                         Myres, Mary Miss
Case, Ambrose Mallait, Ralitino
Connelly, Geo                                      Oakley, Daniel
Cantlon, Mary Miss Powell, Jos
Chaffin, Wm                                        Rowe, Ferrington
Dempsey, James Simlet, Alex R
Davee, James 2                   Shaworose, Edward A
Dwell, Wm Smith, Evaline Miss
Davee, Mary R Mrs Schmitt, Anna
Estell, Andrew B Webster, James
Eichelberger, Harry Weaver, Thomas L
Fage, Dwight                                      Wind, Margaret Miss
Francis, T H                                         J P C 2
Persons calling for the above letters, will please say they are advertised.  C. BIDAMON, P. M.

It was nearly Christmas - were they all Christmas cards? Sure wish I knew who the mail was from.  I need to find a death date for Mary R Davee, and this would have helped if it was from a paper after November of 1864, when I know that Mary had a son. But this does tell me that they still lived in Canton in 1863. James, her husband who also has a letter to pick up, remarried in July of 1865 in Jasper county. So I wasn't sure where they had lived, this tells me that they were in Canton not Jasper county, at least in 1863. Mary Rosilla Davee possibly died and is buried there in Canton.

After spending as much time at the library as I could in the three weeks the films were there, this list of letters doesn't do much for me. Maybe it will be of more use to someone else. 

My Relationship to:

Ruth Smith Simmons Webb: Third Great Grandmother
    The lineage:
  1. My Third Great Great Grandparents Ruth Smith & Lebius Simmons
  2. My Great Great Grandmother Rachel Jane Simmons, her sister is Mary Rosilla Simmons
  3. My Great Grandpa Arthur McGrath
  4. My Grandma
  5. My Mom
  6. Me

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A Prequel: Henry & Mary Menke's Family

Mary, first wife of my Second Great Grandfather Henry Menke (1832-1915), was born in Germany about 1835, and died at about 30 years old. They lived in Scioto County, Ohio. Her last name is either Niemeyer or Neuhaus, I've seen it both ways and more. Had she not died so young, I would not be here. Henry's second wife Eliza is my Second Great Grandmother.

In a biography published about Henry in "The History of Gage County, Nebraska" by Hugh J. Dobbs, it says he "wedded Miss Mary Niemeyer of Ohio, she having been born in Germany...".  That biography was published in 1918, over 50 years after her death.  In Henry's obituary which was in 1915, she is called "Maria Neuhaus" and it says they had five children. I only know of four.

In an article from the Portsmouth (Ohio) Daily Times also written in 1915, about Henry and Mary's son John Frederick (1859-1938), it says "He was born in Hanover, Germany, the son of Henry Menke, a farmer, who is still living in Gales [should be Gage] county, Nebraska, at the ripe old age of 82 years.  His mother, Mrs. Emma Niehaus-Menke, died when he was seven years old.  He was only 3 months old when his parents started for this country and six months old when they landed in Baltimore, having been on the ocean for 11 weeks and 3 days."  According to this, they should appear in immigration records in 1859, but I can't find them. John Frederick's obituary in 1938 refers to his mother as Mary Niehaus.

Mary died six years later in 1866, most likely in Scioto County. I've read that there was a cholera epidemic there about this time.  It's also possible that she died giving birth to the fifth child I'm missing, and the child died also. I've never been able to find an obituary or burial place for this Mary Menke (there are others). 

Daughter Emma (1857-1929) the oldest child of Henry & Mary, was about 10 years old when her mother died.  She was born in 1857 and given the name Mary Ellen, but always went by Emma. In the 1870 census at age 13, she is not living with Henry, his second wife Eliza and the rest of the family. Several years ago I corresponded with a descendant of Johann Friedrick Menke (1817-1879) & Anna Maria Klara Richter (1816-1891), who she said had "adopted Maria Emma Menke born April 23, 1857 in Hanover.  She was a daughter of a Wilhelm and a sister to Fred Menke, the grocer.  Emma married January 17, 1875 to William Warner."  Whether or not the adoption was actually an official one or not, I don't know. Johann Friedrick is too young to be Henry's father, but possibly could be a brother. This marriage certificate for Emma and William Warner is dated January 17, 1875, and it has Henry Menke as her father.  

from Ohio County Marriages at Family Search

Emma and William had nine children: Essie, Ella, Jesse, Carl, Pearl, Jacob, John Fredrick, Mayme and William. They later divorced.  Emma died in June, 1929 several months after suffering burns when her clothes caught fire from a gas stove.  She was 73 and is buried in Long Run Cemetery, along with John Friedrick & Anna Maria Klara Menke.

Henry & Mary's son John Frederick was a grocer in Portsmouth, Ohio for over 33 years. From an article in the Portsmouth Daily Times (June 6, 1915) about his successful grocery business:  "Mr. Menke prides himself upon one thing, and that is that he never sold on Sundays during his 33 years in business, with one single exception and that was the one Sunday during the 1913 flood.  He recalls with much pleasure that one day he refused one of his best customers a can of peaches which she wanted to buy on Sunday after unexpectedly receiving company.  He expected her to quit, but a few days later, to his great surprise, she called around and assured him that she thought more of him than ever.  This all goes to bear out the fact that a "grocer does not have to sell on Sundays," says Mr. Menke." 
from the Portsmouth Daily Times, September 21, 1915

But first he was a school teacher in Gage County, Nebraska in 1880. Apparently he soon went back to Ohio. In 1881, he married Anna Strehle and they had seven children: Emma, Ruth, Katie, Clara Nellie, Floyd H, Carl F, and Howard Emmanuel. I don't know if these children ever saw their Grandfather Henry since he lived in Nebraska, but J F did get to his father's funeral in Clatonia.

Henry & Mary's son Henry Jr (1862-1912) became a Presbyterian Pastor. He died in Michigan in 1912. I've written about Henry Jr before, which you can read here. I didn't include this obituary last time.
Click to enlarge

"Rev. Henry Menke
The sad intelligence has been received in this city of the death of Rev. Henry Menke, a brother of Grocer J. F. Menke.  Death overtook the former Scioto countian at a hotel at Cassopolis, Mich., according to a message received by the Menke family, but failed to give the immediate cause of his death.
Mr. Menke visited his brother in this city during the month of August.  Being an ordained minister of the Presbyterian church, while in attendance at the United Brethren church in this city, he delivered several interesting talks.
The deceased was 51 years of age and unmarried.  Besides his brother, J. F. Menke, the local grocer, he is survived by an aged father, located at Friend, Nebr.  Mr. Menke left immediately for Cassopolis, to take charge of the remains and to convey them to the former home of the deceased at Friend, Nebr. 
Rev. Menke a number of years ago, was located in Scioto county and Lawrence county.  During the later months of his life he suffered with stomach trouble.  Only recently he underwent an operation for appendicitis.  It is thought that the death was the outcome of the operation."  Portsmouth Daily Times, Wed., Sept. 4, 1912

Henry & Mary's daughter Mary Elizabeth (1864-1924) went by "Lizzie". Born in Ohio, she was married to John Scheidt in Saline County, Nebraska, on January 1, 1885. Her mother Mary's maiden name is "unknown" on this license (top portion not shown). Lizzie & John Scheidt had six children: Emma, Carrie, Ellen A, John, George and Eddie. Lizzie & John are laid to rest in the Andrew Cemetery in Friend, Nebraska.

Saline County, Nebraska Marriage record

My Relationship to:

Henry Menke: Second Great Grandfather
    The lineage:
  1. My Great Grandfather Charles Albert Menke
  2. My Grandpa
  3. My Dad
  4. Me

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Friday's Faces from the Past - Unidentified Couple #1

There are no names, no date, no photographers logo on this one. Google Image search came up with nothing.  They're VERY nicely dressed, like maybe for a wedding?  I've cropped out most of the black frame, the original is 8" x 6-1/8".

As with several other of my "Friday's Faces from the Past" posts, this photo was among the personal possessions of the Negley family from Eldorado, Nebraska. It's hard to say exactly who it belonged to for sure. I think there's a good chance this couple (or one of them) was a schoolmate of my Great Grandma Sadie Negley and her siblings. The following list of students enrolled in 1895 in the Eldorado school doesn't include their grade or age (If I can find the time, I'll work on that!).  I've included the ages of the Negleys.  It's just a possibility that the people in this photo are in this list.

ROSS - Conrad, Christina, Lilla, Eddie 
JAEGER - Henry 
SOUTHWORTH - Peter, Hattie 
BRADLEY - Vella, Guy 
BENDER - Albert 
OSBORN - Bertie, Charles, Mabel, Edith
ILIFF - Furman, Clarence 
HOHMBAUM - Richard 
MEYER - Thomas, Charles, Frank, Fred 
BAUER - Emil 
FIFIELD - Sylvia 
NEGLEY - Alice (18), Sadie (15), William (12), Calvin (8) 
AYER - Melvin, Clara, Geneva, Blanche
YOST - John 
BROBERG - Albert, Alfred, Arthur
ENGLAND - George, Hulda, Eddie, Rosie
PENNER - Bertha 
RATH - Samuel, Stella, Albert, Charles, Ida, Willie, Irving 
SHOREY - Rosie, Philbert 
STOCKHAM - George, Elijah, Avery
CALAN - Maggie 
TAYLOR - William, John, Bertha, Carrie, Guy, Josie 

There's also a chance this couple was from towns around Eldorado, like Stockham, Harvard, Aurora or Giltner.  For more of my "Friday's Faces from the Past" click on the label below, or see my Pinterest board - Clay/Hamilton County, Nebraska Old Photos.  

If you have any of the above names in your family tree, take a close look at the photograph and see if this couple looks familiar.  Leave me a comment if you have any clues.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Newspaper Clippings - Stockham, Nebraska 1900

From the Aurora Republican, July 13, 1900

From our regular correspondent

Markets: Wheat, 55c; corn, 30c; rye, 40c; oats, 18c; hogs, $4.60; cattle $-.--; butter 12-1/2c; eggs .07c; chickens, 10c.
Miss Anna Brown has returned from her visit at Phillips.
Dr. Gordon was an Aurora visitor on Tuesday of this week.
Mrs. T. W. Cavett and Miss Josie were shopping in Aurora, last Saturday.
Dr. and Mrs. Caulk of Aurora were in town, Monday, calling on old friends.
Mr. Patton of Edgar spent the Fourth in our village - the guest of Miss Carson.
A picnic crowd of young people from Aurora were enjoying themselves on the Blue, Sunday.
Our band did itself great credit on the Fourth and added much to the enjoyment of the day.
A. J. McConaughey returned from Iowa, last week, where he had been for the past two months.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Flickenger of York came to Stockham, on the Fourth, to celebrate and visit with old friends.
Miss Negley of Eldorado is assisting Mrs. Wineman through the harvest work. Mrs. W. is in very poor health at present.
Editor Chambers of the Stockham Standard attended the Bryan and Stephenson ratification meeting at Lincoln, last Tuesday.
Chas. Evans and wife returned, Saturday, from an overland trip to Red Cloud, where they spent the Fourth with a brother of Mrs. Evans.
The population of our town has been increased one, at least, since the census was taken - a daughter has been added to the household of P. L. Yost and wife.
Today (Wednesday) is the birthday of Miss Mattie Cavett, and invitation are out for a party at her home, this evening. Her young friends are anticipating a very pleasant time.
Threshing has commenced, and the whistle of the engine now disturds our early morning slumbers. There were five machines running, Tuesday, within a radius of five miles.

"Miss Negley" could be either Alice or Sadie.  In 1900 Alice would have been 23, and Sadie 20.  Mrs. Wineman was Mary Jane (Pugh), wife of Samuel and they had three children - Grover C., 13, Mattie D., 9 and John R., 7.  Mrs. Wineman died in 1905 of cancer.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Wills of Washington County Kentucky 1792-1858, Part 2

Last month, I contributed a post to the Slave Name Roll Project by extracting names of enslaved people from the first half of the book "Wills of Washington County Kentucky 1792-1858" compiled by Annie Walker Burns (1936).  There are many Wills that are not transcribed in their entirety in the book.  I have extracted all names of enslaved persons, but again for more information you will want to see the entire transcription (or what there is of it) at either or  The information to find the original Will is included with each transcription. 

First page number I've given is the page of the book, the original Will Book and page number follow the information from the will.  Pages 150 through 290 cover the years 1824 to 1856.

---Page 151
Richard Lee
February 1, 1822
June 14, 1824
"...I give all my property and free from negro woman Henny and her 7 children, viz: Simon, John, Isaac, Charles, David, Rose and Claybourn..."  
Richard Lee
Book D Page377

Page 154
Gideon Bosley
November 24, 1830
February 28, 1831
"...Thirdly should my beloved wife Elizabeth marry again I will to her during her natural life my negro woman Minty and negro girl Artamisa which slaves with their increase are to be secured by my executors hereafter named for the benefit of my children after the death of my wife Elizabeth..."
Gideon Bosley
Book E Page 2

Page 154-155
Robert Crouch
December, 1820
March 28, 1821
"...Secondly to my name sake Robert Crouch Moffett son of John C. and Elizabeth J. Moffett I give my two little slaves John and his sister Sarah Ann...
Fifthly to my beloved adopted daughter now Elizabeth J. Moffett I lend my slave Nincy and her increase...
Sixth my slave Reuben, Davy, Henry after the marriage of my beloved wife I desire to be freed also my wife may free Alice when she pleases..."
Robert Crouch
Book E Page 3, 4, 5, 6

Page 155-156
Drewcilla Sheet (Sleet)
December 15, 1827
March 28, 1831
"...First that all of my just debts are paid and the negro woman Jenny I bequeath to my daughter Rebecca Brown and her heirs forever...
Also my desire is that my negro man Lewis at my death be sold..."
Drucilla Sleet
Book E Page 7

Page 157-158
Charles Burks
April 19, 1831
May 23, 1831
"...I also give my mother (Sarah Burks) negroes Job, Christopher and Minty...
Item three negro woman Beck and her son Patrick is no part of my estate, they belong to my mother... I also give to my mother Sarah Burks a negro girl Martha.
Item four if negro man Christopher is obedient to my mother during her life he shall have his freedom at her death...
Item seven I give unto Sarah Smith wife of Presley C. Smith one negro man named Charles...
Item eight I do give unto Ann Vain wife of William Vain one negro man called Big Jack...
Item nine I do give unto my sister Mary King wife of George King one yellow man named Little Jack...
Item eleven I give unto Samuel Burks negro Paul and her three children namely Malinda, Jim and Margaret... "
Charles Burks
Book E Page --

Page 159
Benjamin Phillips
April 13, 1829
June 27, 1831
"...First I give to my wife Elizabeth Phillips my negro woman Chloe... after her death the negro Chloe shall be divided between my son Robert and my daughter Elizabeth...Also I give my said son and daughter Robert and Elizabeth four negroes namely Serilda, Thom, James and Eliza..."
Benjamin Phillips
Book E, Page 26

Page 159-160
John Shehan
July 7, 1831
July 25, 1831
"...And I do furthermore will that my negro man Joseph be sold..."
John Shehan
Book E, Page 32

Page 161
Benedict Bouls (Bolds)
September 25, 1831
October 24, 1831
"...I will my negro woman Mint to have her freedom..."
Benedict Bowls
Book E, Page 74

Page 163
William Mattingly
February 24, 1832
March 26, 1832
"...I now in the first place give to my wife Ann Mattingly my negro woman Charlotte and the third of her increase...
I now in the second place give to my son Thomas Mattingly my two negro girls Harriet and Margaret and the other thirds of Charlotte's increase..."
William Mattingly
Book E, Page 113

Page 164-166
Clement Hill
December 8, 1832
No date
"...I also give to my said wife Mary Hill during her life for the use of my above named children my four negro women namely Milly, Esther, Caroline and Phillips also my negro girl Hannah. I also give to my wife two negro men Sam and Peter and my two boys Dennis and Jerry...
Item three I wish my Executor to hire out my two negro men Jack and Lewis and my boy ?Green...
I also give to my son Richard H. Hill my negro boy Alec about four years old...
Item seven I will to my daughter Nancy negro girl Jenny...
Item eight I give to my daughter Mariah Turner my negro girl Helen...
Item nine I give to my daughter Elizabeth my negro girl Clansa...
Item eleven I give to my daughter Rebecca my negro girl Prissy..."
Clement Hill
Book -- Page -- 

Page start on 167

Mary Johnson
June 3, 1833
July 22, 1833
"...Item three I lend to Joseph F. Johnson my negro girl Mary until his daughter Treacy Ann Johnson arrives to the age of twenty-one years..."
Mary Johnson
Book E, Page 142

Page 170
Wilfred Goodrum
April 22, 1832
June 25, 1832
"...Item two I give to my daughter Jane a negro girl named Eliza..."
Wilfred Goodrum
Book E, Page 154

Page 172
Tavenor Nantz
August 22, 1832
September 24, 1832
"...And where as my son David W. Nantz...he having hired a negro named Lawyer of me..."
Tavenor Nantz
Book E, Page 164

Page 173
Nancy Catten (Cotten or Callen)
March 8, 1831
February 25, 1833
"...I will and bequeath unto my son Logan Catten a negro boy by the name of Willie..."
Nancy Catten
Book E, Page 168

Page 173
Sarah Payne
January 17, 1833
February 25, 1833
"...Codicil: I have heretofore given my above named two daughter Priscilla Payne and Elizabeth Payne two young negroes a piece towit: to Priscilla Payne boys named David and Richmond and to Elizabeth Payne one boy named Washington and one girl named Caroline..."
Sarah Payne
Book E, Page 167

Page 174
Joseph Dant
June 30, 1833 [sic]
June 26, 1833
"...I will to my beloved daughter Treacy Dant my negro man Nace..."
Joseph Dant
Book E, Page 200

Page 175
Justice Hayes
June 26, 1833
August 26, 1833
"...Also will that in case my grandson Green R. Hayes should die without children that all of my negroes except Michael shall be freed at his death provided that they have obtained the age of twenty five years,  And those that have not obtained the age of twenty-five years to serve to that age and be set free at eighteen, except a girl named Rachel who under the same provisions is to be set free at 18..."
Justice Hayes
Book E, Page 202

Page 176
Thomas Livers
July 4, 1833
August 26, 1833
"...I will to my beloved wife Ann Livers my negro woman Rachel during her life. If said Rachel should out live my wife then she is to belong to Rev. Robert Byrne with her to be taken good care of...
I will to my nephew Henry S. Blandford my plantation and my negro man Ben..."
Thomas Livers
Book E, Page 203

Page 176
August Cissell
January 31, 1831
August 26, 1833
" my beloved wife Frances Cissell...the following slaves during her widowhood: [?]eg, Martin, Zachariah..."
August Cissell
Book E, Page 205

Page 178
Elizabeth Muldrow
January 10, 1833
February 25, 1833
"...I desire that my black woman Esther be freed immediately after my death and that she is to take care of her infant child Miremesha for three years from July last past. I desire my negro girl Nancy shall be held no longer in slavery after the first day of February 1836. I desire my negro girl Mariah shall be held no longer in slavery after the first of February 1839. I desire my black boy Joseph shall be held no longer in slavery then 1843. I desire that my negro boy Elijah shall be held no longer in slavery after the year 1845. I desire that my negro girl Catherine shall be held no longer in slavery than the 25th of December 1850. I desire that my negro girl Artemesha shall be held no longer in slavery after July 1st 1853. It is my will and desire that all the above named negroes who are not set free shall be and remain in the care of protection of my friend Ezekial E. Haggen until they become free by this will..."
Elizabeth Muldrow
Book E, Page 276

Page 179
Walter Ozbourn
November 13, 1833
February 24, 1834
"...I also give to my wife Clotilda my negro man Moses, my negro woman Mary, and my negro woman Betty and Tready and my negro boys Ben  and Tom...
Third I give to my daughter Louisa Johnson my negro girl Harriet...
Fifth I give to my daughter Caroline my negro boy Ralph..."
Walter Ozbourn
Book E, Page 402

Page 181
Priscilla Riney
December 16, 1831
January 27, 1834
"...and my son Robert Riney two dollars and my negro woman Mary..."
Priscilla Riney
Book E, Page 388

Page 182
Joseph Ferguson
October 17, 1833
February 24, 1834
"...I will to my beloved wife Elizabeth Ferguson all of my estate all of my land and my negro girl Anna..."
Joseph Ferguson
Book E, Page 412

Page 183
Cissell Augusta
January 31, 1831
August 26, 1833
"...Slaves Peg, Martin and Zachariah..."
Cissell Augusta
Book E, Page 205

Morgan Wright
September 5, 1833
November 25, 1833
"...A negro Lucy married William Thomas..."
Morgan Wright
Book E, Page 353

Page 188

Matt Doyle
February 1, 1831
March 23, 1835
"...To my wife Mary...negro girl Phillis..."
Matt Doyle
Book E, Page 180

Page 192
Abraham McElroy
May 1, 1834
August 25, 1834
" my beloved wife Ducy forever my negro girl Eliza..."
Abraham McElroy
Book F, Page 17

Page 192
John Fleece
July 6, 1833
September 22, 1834
"...I give unto Henry Pope in trust all of my property consisting of one negro girl Eliza to be sold..."
John Fleece
Book F, Page 98

Page 193
Thomas Pettis [sic]
September 7, 1834
November 24, 1834
"...It is my will that my wife Hetty Pettit...also the black man Harry...
It is my will that my black man Sam be sold soon after my death to a master of his own choosing..."
Thomas Pettit
Book F, Page --

Page 194-195
Aquilla Blandford
April 23, 1836
May 23, 1836
"...I give unto my wife negroes namely Francis, Wilson, Lucy, Patsy, Annastatia..."
Aquilla Blandford
Book F, Page 353

Page 195
Berry Lewis
April 28, 1836
May 28, 1836
"...I give to my wife negro man Bant also my woman Jane..."
Berry Lewis
Book F, Page 352

Page 195
Margaret Davison
March 21, 1836
July 25, 1836
"...Fourth I give to my niece Susanna Jane Davison my negro girl Lucy.
Fifth I give to my nephew Edmond L. Davison my negro boy Lowry.
Sixth I give to my brother Elias Davison my negro man Jim, my negro woman Nina and her three youngest children Calvin, Scumphy and Mary..."
Margaret Davison
Book F, Page 360

Page 197
William Forbes Taylor of the District of Edgefield South Carolina
June 30, 1810
August 27, 1811
"...Secondly whereas I have set my negro woman Sylvia free and have bound myself to pay her one hundred dollars per annum during her natural life I do hereby devise unto her the said woman Sylvia one hundred dollars as soon as possible after my death and it is my earnest request that my executors so pay the said negro woman punctually, etc...
Fourth I give to my old negro man slave Dick called Dick Cash his personal freedom and that my executors pay to him one hundred dollars..."
William F. Taylor
Book F, Page 404

Page 197-198
John Linton
May 20, 1834
December 26, 1836
"...I give to my son Moses one negro boy named William...
I give to my son Benjamin Linton one negro girl named Milly...
I give to my daughter Susan Morgan and her husband William Morgan... a negro named Dick...
I give to my daughter Martha Mudd one negro boy named James...
I also give my said daughter Catherine Taylor one negro man named Matt...
I give to my son John H. negro woman named Mariah and her two children Henry and Lea...
I give to my grand daughter Mary E. Powell one negro girl named Leh
I give to my son John H. Linton... four negroes namely Jack (or Hack?), Henry, Flora and Esther and their increase...
I give to my son Lewis Linton... and three negroes named George, Lythe and Warren...
I give to my grand daughter Elizabeth Taylor one negro boy named Hiram...
Codicil: I have two old negroes named Dick and Connie his wife it is my wish that they shall be permitted by my executors to go where they please and that they do not suffer..."
John Linton
Book B Page 414

Page 198-199
William Cambron
January 12, 1836
June 26, 1837
"...And whereas a part of the said five hundred dollars is for the sale of a negro Moses I hereby give the note which I hold on James O'Danel to him being clearly understood that the said note makes the part of the said five hundred dollars above..."
William Cambron
Book F, Page 456

Page 199
Christopher Barlow
June 5, 1837
June 24, 1837
"...I will Patsy my slave and her children her and their freedom that is Harriet, Emily Annis, William, Richard and Young and also Kisiah and her children that is Berry, John Henry, Hetty and Adison. Also Ellis and Parker the children of my deceased slaves Jemima to have their freedom...
I will that the balance of my slaves viz: Jack, Bazil, and Alsy be sold..."
Christopher Barlow
Book F, Page 460

Page 200
Mathew Yocom (Yocum) 
June 22, 1836
June 26, 1837
"...I give to my daughter Sarah McDaniel one negro girl Harriet..."
Mathew Yocum
Book F, Page 465

Page 200-201
Thomas Dean (Copy)
February 19, 1833
June 23, 1837
"...First to Sarah Dean my wife... my negro woman Hennie...
Second my eldest daughter Malinda Phillips I give a negro girl named Lucy...
Third to my second daughter Polly Phillips I give unto her the negro girl named Eddy...
Sixth to my fifth daughter Sally Bean I give a negro girl named Lavania...
Seventh to my two sons Alfred and Henry Dean... my negro woman Hennie and her increase except the girl I gave Sally Dean..."
Thomas Dean
Book E, Page 502

Page 203-204
John Graves
November 9, 1838
May 27, 1839
"...I give to my wife Delilah one negro girl named Mary daughter of Rose...
Fifth I hereby confirm my gift of negro Fanny and Sylvia and all their increase to the children of my deceased daughter Matilda Bailey her children's names are as follows: Nancy, John, Margaret, and Franklin Bailey...
Tenth it is my will that at my death my heirs that is the seven spoken of in article three shall give to my negro old Jim and his wife Lydia their freedom..."
John Graves
Book G, Page 66

Page 204
James Montgomery
May 2, 1838
September 23, 1839
"...I give to my beloved wife Sarah... negroes Mary, Nancy, Jacob, Pius, Julia, Lucinda, Martha and George..."
James Montgomery
Book G, Page 82

Page 205-206
Joseph Buckman
September 14, 1839
October 28, 1839
"...Codicil: I wish that my odd [sic] negro woman Henny to remain with my son George and that he maintain her during her life time..."
Joseph Buckman
Book G, Page 108

Page 207
John Walker
September 19, 1837
September 23, 1839
"...Eighth and if my executors here after named shall deem it necessary to sell a negro man Steven they have the right to do so..."
John Walker
 Book G, Page 112

Page 208
Nancy Lancaster
May 27, 1839
December 23, 1839
"...Item two it is my will that my executors here after named take charge of my negroes namely George, Cyrus, Caroline and Martha and hire them out annually for the purpose of raising a fund for the support for a black boy Charles that is silly and a cripple also fittye...
It is my will that Martha my black girl be reserved to nurse Charles and to keep with him for the purpose and that so long as he may live...
It is my will that Harry who formerly belonged to my father take charge of the foulish boy Charles..."
Nancy Lancaster
Book G, Page 114

Page 210-211
John McPherson of Nelson County
November 16, 1838
September 25, 1843
"...Whereas I have given my wife Elizabeth a negro girl Nancy which she has sold...
I give to my daughter Margaret my negro woman Charity during her life..."
John McPherson
Book G, Page 160

Page 211
Basil Speaks of Springfield, Kentucky
August 15, 1837
August 24, 1840
"...My slave Dick is to be set free at my wife's death..."
Basil Speaks
Book G, Page 177

Page 212
Robert McKittrick (Noncupative)
November 11, 1840
November 25, 1840
"...that Henna his black woman was to be set free at his death. That it was understood that she was never to serve any other single person after his death and that her little child was to remain with her until Henna's death and that Henna was to have a cabin erected on the south part of his farm and have five acres of ground during her life.."
Book G, Page --

Page 214-215
Rosaline Mallon Smith
March 2, 1840
November 22, 1841
"...I leave Sarah Ann a slave whom I bought six years ago to my husband (not named)..."
Rosaline Mallon Smith
Book G, Page 251

Page 215
Richard Beall
-- 1827
January 24, 1842
"...I will to Rebecca Shehan one negro child named Beth..."
Richard Beall
Book G, Page 273

Page 216
Levy Carrico
February 10, 1832
February 28, 1842
"...I also give to my wife Catherine one negro boy Henry and my negro girl Elizabeth..."
Levi Carrico
Book G, Page 278

Page 216-217
Thomas W. Claybrook
July 13, 1842
July 25, 1842
"...I give to my son William P. D. Claybrook... my negroes Frank and  Peter... 
I give to my son Thomas M. Claybrook the following negroes, Arch, Cisly, Lewis, Judia, Jane, Edmond, Willie, Samuel, and Jefferson, Little Arch, Isabell and Zanzer...
I give to my sister in law Elizabeth L. Sturman negroes John and Eliza during her natural life and at her death they to go to my son Thomas M....
It is my wish that my children shall keep my negroes Mary and child Nancy and Cellia together..."
Thomas W. Claybrook
Book G, Page 302

Page 217
Elizabeth Peak
July 5, 1842
August 23, 1842
"...I will to my daughter Jane Phillips a negro woman named Hannah ..."
Elizabeth Peak
Book G, Page 306

Page 219
Moses McCown
December 15, 1842
December 26, 1842
"...after my wife's death Cartwell McKittrick is to have a negro boy named Jim, Margaret is to have a negro girl named Thelma, and Joseph C. to have a negro boy named Calvin..."
Moses McCown
Book G, Page 322

Page 219
Allen Schrewsberry
December 3, 1841
June 26, 1843
"...I give to my wife Nancy Schrewsberry my negro woman Lucy during her life time...
I give to my son Nathaniel Schrewsberry a negro boy named Peter now about five years old...
I give to my daughter Mary Schrewsberry a negro girl named Fanny 12 years old...
I give to my daughter Sarah Donoho one negro boy named Bonypart now 5 years old...
I give to my daughter Milly Fleming one negro girl named Elizabeth now about 9 years old..."
Allen Schrewsberry
Book G, Page 338
Page 221
John B. Jeffries
October 16, 1845
October 23, 1843
"...Codicil: I wish my brother Richard Jeffries to be my executor and he shall have power to sell my two negroes Wilson and Mary..."
John B. Jeffries
Book G, Page 361

Page 222
Major Edward Berry of Van Buren Co., Mo
July 11, 1843
October 23, 1843
" son Richard Berry shall have my three negroes viz.: Wesley, Kiah and Diana to belong to him and his children forever...
to my son William Berry two of my negroes ?askin and Joseph...
my son Edward Berry and his children have two of my negroes Philip and Daniel... 
to my daughter Mary Ann Mitchel and her children I bequeath Malinda and her increase. Also my girl Sarah at her mother's death...
to my daughter Nomi Redding and her children I give my girl Maria and her increase...
to my daughter Amanda Buckley and her children I give four of my negroes Adam and his wife, Jane and her two children Louisa and Amanda...
It is my will that my black Amstead and Hannah shall be set free at my death...
it is my will that my girl Nancy and her offspring be set free at the age of 25 and that they shall serve my daughter Naomi Redding and her children until they have reached the above age..."
Edward Berry
Book G, Page 362

Page 223
John Sims
August 22, 1843
December 25, 1843
"...I give to my beloved wife Frances Simms... also six negroes namely Ben, Emily, Louis, Harriot, Elizabeth and Harrison... 
I give to my son William Simms... a negro woman named Harriet...
to my daughter Margaret Berry one negro man named Ben
to my daughter Sunthia Williams one negro woman named Emily
to my daughter Nellis Hickerson one negro man named Louis 
to my daughter Mariah Adams one negro girl named Eliza 
to my daughter Sally McIntire one negro boy named Harrison..."
John Simms
Book G, Page 383

Page 225-226
Francis Simms
January 16, 1844
January 22, 1844
"...I will to my son John Simms one negro boy named Sylvester...
to my daughter Ann Caroline Mudd... to her and the heirs of her body one negro girl named Maria...
I will to my daughter Catherine Lucitta Simms one negro woman called Charity and her youngest child named Elizabeth Frances together with their increase... 
I will to my youngest daughter Alethea Simms one negro girl named Mary Ellen and her increase..."
Francis Simms
Book G, Page 392

Page 227
Shelton Rice
February 12, 1844
February 26, 1844
"...I also request that Mary, Mag and Nat be sold out of my family..."
Shelton Rice
Book G, Page 398

Page 227-228
Elizabeth McAtee
January 19, 1844
June 24, 1844
"...I will to the Rev. William Murphy President of St. Mary's College in Marion county my negro woman named Mary who has lived at St. Mary's for a number of years...
I will to my brother Edward Osbourn... a negro man named Marshall also a negro boy about three years old named John Dominic... 
I will that my executor shall sell two negro men Dick and Patrick...
I will to my nieces Laura Ann, Elizabeth and Teresa Smith one negro girl named Caroline...
I will to my nephew Edward Carrico my negro woman Jane...
I will to my niece Sivilla Carrico a small negro girl named America...
I will to my brother Joseph Osbourn one negro woman named Harriet...
I will to my nephew Polin Osbourn son of Joseph Osbourn a mulatto boy named Daniel..."
E McAtee
Book G, Page 415

Page 231 
Benjamin James
March 31, 1845
April 28, 1845
"...It is my will that my... negro woman Ruth be sold in the spring and should if Ruth insist on having her child Nathen sold with her her wish is to be granted..."
Benjamin James
Book G, Page 479

Page 232
Thomas Elliston
April 22, 1845
July 28, 1845
"...I will to my wife Mary Elliston... a certain negro man named George, he being the same boy who came from Joshua Ferguson..."
Thomas Elliston
Book G, Page 499

Page 236
George A. Montgomery
September 2, 1845
September 22, 1845
"...I give to my beloved wife Sary Ann Montgomery... negro man named Charles, negro boy named John, negro woman named Maria...
the balance of my negroes namely Lucy, Ann, Nicholas, Martha, Catherine, Mary Ellen, Austin, Mary and Samuel be hired out..."
George A. Montgomery
Book H, Page 15

Page 238-239
William Peter
"...I give to my son in law John Peter and Elizabeth Peter his wife the black girl Maria that I let them have some time since...
I give to my son Richard Peter... a negro man named Wilson and a negro boy named Henry. The child of Ocatabia now in his possession...
I will to my son Reuben D. Peter... a negro boy named Peter that he has sold and a negro girl named Tempy during her natural life...

I will to my son Heti? Peter... a negro boy named Lewis and a negro girl named Susan... 
I will to my son Jordan Peter... a negro boy named Lewis that he has sold and a negro girl named Isabell a child of Octabia...
I will to my son Sam Peter... a negro boy named Wesley that he sold...
I will to my son in law Robert Reed and Nancy Reed his wife... a negro woman named Fanny and one named Harriet...
I will to my grand son William Peter... a negro boy named Green the child of Peter and Kitty..."
William Peter
Book H, Page 223

Page 239
Charles Hungate
August 6, 1846
August 24, 1846
"...I give to my five sons towit: John R. Hungate, Charles Hungate, Hiram Hungate, William Hungate, and B. M. Hungate to be divided as they think proper except one small yellow girl named Martha Ellen..."
Charles Hungate
Book H, Page 134

Page 240
Mary Pearce
September 9, 1844
November 17, 1851
"... I give to my son Joseph McDonald my negro woman Jane and my negro boy Bob son of Jane and Jane's youngest child named Amos and her increase forever..."
Mary Pearce
Book H, Page 170

Page 240-241
James Brand
May 13, 1847
July 19, 1847
"...I give to my wife Catharine Bland... one negro woman named Silley and also two negro men named Steven and Alec...
I desire that Daniel and Matilda although over the age of 18..."
James Brand
Book H, Page 176

Page 242
Samuel Booker
April 10, 1845
January 17, 1848
"...I give to my son Paul Booker... my negro man Edmond and my negro man John...
to my grandson William Booker my negro boy Baccus...
to my grand daughter Eliza Booker child of my son Paul my negro girl Jenny...
to my son William D. Booker... my negro man Old Frank and Sam...
to my grand daughter Hettie Mariah Booker my negro girl Louisa...
to my grand daughter Harriet P. Green my negro girl Catherine...
to my grand son Paul Robert Booker my negro boy William...
to my grand daughter Louisa Jane Booker my negro girl Julia Ann...
to my grand son William Frederick Booker my negro boy Green...
to my grand son Thomas Jones Booker my negro boy Jim...
to my son William D. Booker my negro man Len...
to my grand son Samuel Edmond Booker negroes Josiah, Martha, Hartwell, Young Frank and Richard...
to my grand daughter Eliza Lititia Booker child of William D. Booker my negro girl Caroline...
I give my negro woman Sally her freedom..."
Samuel Booker
Book H, Page 224

Page 243
Elijah Jett
November 19, 1847
July 17, 1848
" my wife Rhoda... a negro boy named Bob I leave for the benefit of my deranged son Stark Jett..."
Elijah Jett
Book H, Page 297

Page 244-245
Philip Burns
January 15, 1846
February 19, 1849
"...Should my wife Catherine Burns out live me I give to her one negro boy named Major and one negro girl named Priscilla...
I wish after my death my black woman Abbie to be set free..."
Phillip Burns
Book H, Page 422

Page 246
Richard Barbour
July 27, 1849
August 18, 1849
"...I desire my executor to sell my negro man Doc..."
Richard Barbour
Book H, Page 484

Page 249
Benjamin Cox
Will not dated
December 18, 1848
" my son Chapen one negro boy named John... 
to my son Richard Harrison one negro boy named Arter...
to my son Benjamin Hardister one negro boy named Milford...
to my daughters namely: Lucinda, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Nancy Ann, Emily, Augusta and Chineca all of these my daughters should have an equal share in a negro woman named Rose and in her increase..."
Benjamin Cox
Book H, Page 401

Page 251
Martin Hardin, Sr
July 16, 1838
August 21, 1838
" old negro woman Jude 15 acres to live on..."
Martin Hardin
Book H, Page 322

Page 253
Johnathan Royalty
February 6, 1850
April 15, 1850
"...I also desire that my black girl Lucinda choose her home among the girls..."
Johnathan Royalty
Book I, Page 7

Page 254
John Sweeney
December 24, 1851
January 20, 1852
"...I give my beloved wife Sarah Sweeney... a negro woman Charlotte and a negro boy named Anthony...
my will is that my old negro man George and his wife Charlotte choose their home among some of my children..."
John Sweeney
Book I, Page 89

Page 255
Zephaniah B. Offutt
May 4, 1851
May 19, 1851
" is my will that my slave Helm be allowed to choose her home and that my boy slave Henry be sold by my executor..."
Zaphaniah B. Offutt
Book I, Page 130

Page 256-257
Squire Baker
October 11, 1851
No date
" is my will that my negro boy Bob shall be sold..."
Squire Baker
no book information

Page 258
Steven G. Letcher
August 16, 1851
October 20, 1851
"...I will that my wife Mary... have Caroline and child to wait on her and the balance of my blacks to be hired out..."
Steven G. Letcher
Book I, Page 166

Page 261-262
Benoni Hardin
February 21, 1851
June 20, 1853
"...I will to my wife Rachel... my negro boy Harry..."
Benoni Hardin
Book I, Page 457

Page 263
Leroy S. Litsey
November 2, 1853
November 21, 1853
" is my desire that my wife and three oldest sons (not named)... to have the use free of charge of all my negroes except Grum, Lucinda and Delia...
it is my will that my executor shall sell negro woman Lucinda and Delia her child as soon as they can..."
Leroy S. Litsey
Book I, Page 492

Page 266
John T. Hamilton
July 10, 1854
August 21, 1854
" is my will that if my executor should at any time think proper to sell my negro girl Harriet they are hereby authorized to do so..."
John T. Hamilton
Book J, Page 61

Page 267
Noah Reed
"...I will to my brother Green Berry Nelson Reed my negro boy Dick..."
Noah Reed
Book J, Page 64

Page 269
Christopher Weathers
February 17, 1853
November 20, 1854
" is my will that my executor here after named shall at my death take charge and select good homes for four of my slaves Buckler and Carlos two yellow men also Ann and Manada two yellow girls..."
Christopher Weathers
Book J, Page 115

Page 272
Elizabeth Hardin
January 28, 1855
February 19, 1855
" my sister Harriet Rollins my negro woman Nancy...
to my sister Fanny McElroy my small negro girl Harriet..."
Elizabeth Hardin
Book J, Page 202

Page 273
Daniel Mitchell Sr
March 1, 1842
March 15, 1852
"...I give to my daughter Sarah Mitchell wife of Robert Mitchell called (Burboum) a negro woman named Winney and her increase...
to my son in law James Mitchell the interest I own in a negro woman named Tersa... 
to my daughter Johannah Champion a negro girl named Betsy...
I give to my son in law Matthew Yocum a negro girl named Ann and her increase...
I give to my son George Mitchell... negro boy named Ben...
I give to my son Daniel James Mitchell... negro boy named Abb..."
Daniel Mitchell Sr
Book J, Page 207

Page 273
Nancy Kelly
December 28, 1848
March 15, 1852
" my sister Catherine Ellery my negro woman Charlotte...
to my sister Mary Polin my negro man Jerry and my negro girl Susan..."
Nancy Kelly
Book J, Page 209

Page 275-276
Martha A. Thompson
June 27, 1855
July 23, 1855
"...I give to my brother L. S. Thompson my negro girl Rosanna...
I give to my brother J. C. Thompson my negro boy Alexander..."
Martha A. Thompson
Book J, Page 275

Page 276-277
Robert Edelen
August 10, 1855
September 3, 1855
"...Item Fifteen my old negro woman Elizabeth being of no value but a charge on my estate I direct my executor to provide a comfortable support and that my wife should keep her during her life..."
Robert Edelen
Book J, Page 283

Page 277-279
James Flournoy
November 22, 1851
October 19, 1855
"...I will to my said son Thomas one negro named William now in his possession...
I devise to my beloved wife Martha O. Flournoy... a negro boy Joe, negro woman Mary and her two children and a negro girl Sally...
I will to my grand daughter Susan England my negro girl Hannah..."
James Flournoy
Book J, Page 301

Page 281
Bennett Bean
June 20, 1830
August 20, 1855
"...I give to my wife Sarah Eleanor Bean... my negro man Ben..."
Bennett Bean
Book J, Page 327

Page 285-286
Benjamin Phillips
November 1, 1848
September 15, 1856
"...after the death of my wife I will to my daughter Adeline Newbolt a girl called Amanda who has been loaned to her..."
Benjamin Phillips
Book J, Page 458

Page 286-287
Peter Adams
July 25, 1848
December 15, 1856
"...I desire that all of my negroes be freed at my death, towit: Thomas and Jane their children Thomas, Helen, Samuel, Mary Ann, Paul and Francis..."
Peter Adams
Book J, Page 485