Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wednesday's Child - Linden Shroy

Little Linden was laid to rest beside his Great Grandmother Rachel McGrath in the Grace Cemetery in Cozad, Nebraska.  His Great Grandfather John joined them 3 years later. Linden's parents were Elmer and Rebecca Shroy, his grandparents were Levi and Minnie Patterson, Minnie was the daughter of John and Rachel.  Elmer and Rebecca Shroy moved to Aberdeen, Washington. 

It seems obvious that the grave marker was placed no earlier than 1909 and maybe not until 1912 or later.  The dates on the marker for Rachel's birth date and John's birth year are wrong.  I'm wondering if I ever find out John and Rachel's marriage date, it might be in March.  John and Rachel will be my next couple of posts.

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