Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wednesday's Child - Mann children

Lafayette Mann was 15 when he died December 29, 1881.  He is buried beside his parents in the Kilpatrick Cemetery near Plymouth, Nebraska.  Four other children of William and Nancy Mann died while the family lived in Princeville, Illinois.   
  • Corrine - born/died February 16, 1864 
  • Stephen A - born August 25, 1869, died by June, 1870 
  • Carrie - born January 11, 1875, died in infancy
  • Elsie - born/died August 1880   
They would be buried somewhere in Peoria County, Illinois, but I don't know if they have any markers on their graves.  Most likely the cemetery would be the Princeville Township Cemetery, but cemetery listings I have found so far don't list these children.  

I have had the tragic experience of losing an infant niece and nephew.  It seemed so unfair to have it happen twice in our family.  William and Nancy Mann dealt with the loss of 5 children.  

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