Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - William Roscoe & Lena Jorgenson

Thursday, May 4, 1882:  William Roscoe and Lena Jorgenson were married in Gage County, Nebraska.  A fellow Roscoe researcher sent me this photo calling it their wedding photo, but although they're wearing flowers I question that.  Maybe an engagement photo?  This was taken in Peotone, Illinois where they both lived in 1880. They moved to Nebraska (not necessarily together) sometime between the 1880 census and the 18th of March, 1882 when they filed the application for marriage in Gage County.  The home of William's parents was the site for their wedding.  Lena's family didn't move to Nebraska, I wonder if any of them attended the wedding.  Or maybe after their ceremony, Will & Lena took a trip back to Peotone and had this photo taken. 


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