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Newspaper Clippings - Dawson Co., Nebraska 1896

Here's another newspaper clipping I have in my old trunk in the attic to share.  It's from the Dawson County Pioneer, January 18, 1896.  These small town newspapers are wonderful for the gossipy kind of news!  I doubt many of them will be digitized within my lifetime, so I will just try to contribute a little in hopes that it might help someone.  This is just the "Personal" column.  The "Apportionment of State School Money in Dawson County" column may appear in a later issue.  

Dawson County Pioneer

Lexington, Neb., Saturday, January 18, 1896

Dr. Case was called to Elm Creek Wednesday.
Fred Y. Robertson was up from Kearney Monday.
Sam Schooley was down from Cozad Tuesday.
R. Roe and wife, of Overton were city visitors Tuesday.
Gen. Dilworth was transacting business in the city, Monday.
Mike O'Brien, Cozad, paid the county seat a visit Tuesday.
W. A. Crandall, of Overton, was doing the city Wednesday.
Mrs. Dr. House was visiting with friends at Kearney Wednesday.
Doc Bird, of Gothenburg, was in the city transacting business Monday.
John W. Webster arrived home from Osceola, Iowa, Wednesday night.
F. H. Farnsworth, of Elm Creek, was quartered at the Cornland Thursday.
Dr. Bancroft returned home Thursday night from a business trip to Omaha.
Attorney Warrington arrived home Monday from a business trip to Denver.
Ole Jensen, a Cayote Precinct farmer, was a welcome caller at this office Tuesday.
Matt Wilson and wife, of Overton Precinct, were trading in Lexington Wednesday.
E. B. Penney has been at Seward most of the week looking after business matters.
Mrs. E. D. Johnson and little son Roy, took their departure last night for Dayton, Oregon.
Attorney Thos. H. Matters, of Harvard, was in the city Monday, called here on legal business.
John Abel, who came over from Beaver City last week, left Monday for Mobile, Alabama.
Miss Zelphia Squire is now an attentive and courteous clerk in J. C. Barnes' store on Washington street.
John Bell, who has been visiting for several weeks at Kearney and Lincoln, arrived home Monday.
C. C. McKee, Chris Voss, Jerry Costin and J. W. Bernard, Willow Islanders, were in the city Wednesday
Jos. Teahon, of Omaha, representing the Wabash road, was transacting business in Lexington Thursday.
Dr. W. P. Smith left Gothenburg Monday long enough to say "howdy" to a few friends in Lexington.
S. A. Rollins, of Fostoria, Ohio, is visiting with his brother-in-law, John Forrest, of North Gosper county.
Editor John B. Donaldson, of the Cozad Meridian Star, encompassed Lexington found and about Tuesday.
Mrs. John Patterson left last Sunday for North Bend, this state, where she will visit for a few weeks with a sister.
Ex-County Supt. Kate Bonar left yesterday for York, Nebraska, where she will remain for an indefinite time.
C. N. Whaley, foreman of L. W. Olive's ranche, Platte Precinct, was in the city yesterday and made this office a pleasant call.Wm. Watkinson, a farmer of Hillside precinct, took his departure Thursday for Iowa.  He will visit for a few weeks with relatives near Cedar Rapids.
Mrs. and Mrs. G. B. Darr, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Quinby and Mrs. and Mrs. E. E. Abbott were entertained last Sunday by Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Gatliff, of the south side.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gardner, passed through the city Monday on their way home to Lincoln from their wedding trip.  Mrs. Gardner's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Johnson, met them at the depot.
The county commissioners will meet again next Thursday.
A few cases of "black-leg" among young cattle on the south side are reported.
R. F. James has purchased I. W. Olive's interest in the meat market of Scott & Olive.  The new firm will be known as A. E. Scott & Co.
C. H. Ballinger yesterday shipped a carload of his fine sheep to Stevenson, Buffalo county, having sold the same to parties for breeding purposes.
An accident occurred Sunday night last to the locomotive drawing passenger train No. 3, as the train was entering Kearney, by which engineer Wm. Whitlock was severely scalded on the face and hands.  He was taken to his home at North Platte and will soon be about again.
W. L. Greene is now judge of this judicial district, having been sworn in as such last week by his predecessor, Judge Sinclair.  His stenographer is Charles B. Scott of Kearney.  The PIONEER trusts that Judge Greene's incumbency of the important position he holds may be characterized with honor to the district and credit to himself.
The case of C. R. Anthony vs the Union Pacific Railway Company was heard before County Judge Roberts Thursday.  The suit was brought by Mr. Anthony to recover $75 for the destruction of a carriage by one of the company's locomotives on Washington street crossing, this city, some months ago.  Warrington & Stewart appeared for the plaintiff, while the defendant's interests were looked after by H. T. Leavitt, of Omaha.  A jury was waived and the case was tried to the court, who after hearing evidence and argument gave judgement for plaintff for $30.

ROBB - On Wednesday, January 15, 1896, to Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Robb, of Omaha, a son.

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