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Wedding Wednesday - Charles & Henrietta Gaisford

Thursday, May 23, 1867 in Worcester, Massachusetts Charles Gaisford married Henrietta Abigail Smith.  He was 25, she was 18, it was the first marriage for both of them.  Notice Henrietta's middle initial is both A. and M. on this same document. 

How did a girl from Worcester, Massachusetts meet a man from Putnam, Connecticut? There's 30 miles between the two places.  Henrietta's father worked in an armory and Charles was a spindle maker, was there a business connection there?  Or Henrietta's Aunt Julia Bliss, who lived with her family in 1860, was a dress maker.  If Aunt Julia was in business a few years, she might have needed the services of a spindle maker.  Maybe Henrietta was an apprentice with her. 

Eleven children were born to them, Ellen died in infancy:
  1. Charles Henry  (1868 - 1947)
  2. Mary Ann "Maime"  (1870 - 1959)
  3. Anna Maria  (1871 - 1943)
  4. Emma Jane  (1874 - 1939) 
  5. Carrie Matilda  (1876 - 1899)
  6. Ellen Rachel  (1880 - 1881)
  7. Cora Mabel  (1882 - 1971)  my Great Grandma
  8. Nellie Cordelia  (1883 - 1919)
  9. William Francis  (1885 - 1953)
  10. Gladys Eltavine  (1888 - 1966)
  11. Gertrude Henrietta  (1890 - 1986)
Charles Jr was born in Connecticut, Maime, Anna & Emma were born in Minonk, Illinois and the rest were born in Jefferson County, Nebraska.  Charles Jr moved to Oklahoma, the rest lived out their lives in Nebraska.

Charles & Henrietta were married for almost 53 years, until his death in 1920.
"Golden Wedding  
Just fifty years ago on May 23, 1867, occurred the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Gaisford and last Wednesday, May 23, their folks gathered to honor them.  Mr. and Mrs. Gaisford have nine living children, twenty-six grand children and one great grandchild all living in or near Ellis with the exception of Chas. Gaisford, Jr. who with his family resides in Oklahoma.  Those who were able to be present to help them celebrate were Mr. and Mrs. Will Gaisford and family, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Mann and family, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Carpenter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Weaver and daughter Rachel, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Amos, Grandma Carpenter of Harbine and Mrs. Orion Miller.  All enjoyed a fine dinner and ice cream and cake was served in the afternoon.  Mr. and Mrs. Gaisford have a host of friends in this vicinity who congratulate them on their long happy life together." [Source:  Beatrice Express, June 2, 1917]

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