Thursday, August 14, 2014

Friday's Faces from the Past - Ruth's Little Girl

"Ruth's little girl"  [To]  Alice Negley

Ruth is most likely Ruth Negley, daughter of John Calvin & Mary Negley.  She was a first cousin of Alice Negley and 11 years younger.  Ruth married Hiram Andrew Wells and had two daughters, Verda, born in 1906 and Mildred born in 1918.  I think this very stylish little girl would be Verda. 

And then again, I could be wrong.  

There is no photographer's information on the photo.  Looks like it was taken at someone's front door.  Was this taken with a personally owned camera, like a Kodak "Brownie"?  


  1. Ruth's little girl looks so pleasant. I love her crooked smile, the big bow in her hair, and the furry muff. If you have other doorway/porch photos maybe you could find a matching doorway?

    1. Her outfit gets your attention, doesn't it? The door is a great clue, but I've also thought that Ruth & her little girl might be visiting the Negley home. So the door could likely show up in other photos, I'll have to look. My Mom has possession of a LOT of photos without any names, I've only taken a few that had some clues to try to determine who they were. I think someone in the Negley family owned a camera. Thanks for your thoughts and ideas!