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Surname Saturday - Mattingly

The Mattingly family originated in England and came to the Colonies in the mid 1600's. They originally settled in St Mary's County, Maryland and in the late 1700's several members of the family moved to the Washington, Nelson and Marion Counties area in Kentucky.  This is a summary of my husband's direct ancestral line as I have it, starting with his Great Grandfather.  I have some documentation, but I haven't verified this line.  

James Raymond Mattingly, or "Raymond" as he is listed in census records, was born in Nelson County, Kentucky in 1814.  About 1840 he was married to Julia Mattingly.   1850 through 1870 they were in Washington County.  He died sometime after 1870, but his exact death date and burial location are unknown.

As I have it, Raymond was the son of Barnett Mattingly and Priscilla Cash.  Julia was the daughter of Gabriel and Ann Juliet Molohan.  Barnett and Gabriel were possibly brothers. There are many researchers who have the parents and children switched, or disagree that Barnett and Gabriel were brothers.

Barnett and Gabriel Mattingly were the sons of John Baptist Mattingly and Ann Fenwick.  Gabriel was born in Maryland in 1777 and Barnett was born there in 1785.  I don't have a death date or burial location for either one of them, but Gabriel moved to Washington, Daviess County, Indiana by 1850.

John Baptist Mattingly, born in 1736 at Mount Misery, St Mary's County, Maryland, the son of Thomas Mattingly III and Ruth Cole.  In about 1760, he married Ann Fenwick Spalding, widow of Clement.  John Baptist was deceased by May 12, 1817 at about 81 years old.

Thomas Mattingly III was born to Thomas Mattingly II and Mary Suttle about 1690 in St Mary's County, Maryland.  His first marriage was to Elizabeth Warren.  In 1715 he married Ruth Cole.  He died in April of 1774 at about 84 years old.    

Thomas Mattingly II was born about 1650 in England.  He was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth (last name unknown).   He was married by October 7, 1680 to Mary Suttle in St Mary's County, Maryland.  Then about 1685 he married Elizabeth (last name unknown).  He died at age 64 in 1714 in St Mary's County.  His will is found in the book "Maryland Calendar of Wills:  Wills from 1713 to 1720" Vol. 2, by Jane Baldwin Cotton, Roberta Bowling Henry.

Thomas Mattingly was born about 1630 in England and died July 24, 1664 in St Mary's County, Maryland at 34 years old.  He married Elizabeth (last name unknown) about 1650.

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