Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday's Faces from the Past - "Bell" Luckett Spalding

Mary Susan Isabelle "Bell" Luckett was born February 16, 1857 in Marion County, Kentucky.  She was the youngest of six children born to Lewis Austin Luckett and Mary Jane Abell.  Her older brothers were John B., Robert, and George and her sisters Ann and Harriet. 

When she was 17, she married John Hudson "Hutt" Spalding on November 24, 1874 in Calvary.  They were blessed with six children:
  1. Agnes  (1878-?)
  2. Mary Joseph  (1880-1949)
  3. John Austin (1882-1922)
  4. William Robert "Hutt"  (1883-1953)
  5. Walter Enright  (1885-1948)
  6. Cora Lula  (1889-1970)
Her entire life was spent in Marion County.  On August 18, 1908 at 51 years old, she passed away. Her husband, and all of her children survived her.  Cora Lula is my husband's Grandmother.

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