Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wedding Wednesday's - June Weddings in My Family Tree

Today, June 22nd, is my 25th wedding anniversary.  June's reputation as the "wedding month" holds true and IS the most popular month among all of the couples in my tree.  Sixty-five marriage dates in my tree are in June.  June 10th is the most popular day of the year, with six couples getting married on that date.  But besides me, only three sets of my direct ancestors chose to have June weddings.   

My marriage license is not as pretty as some of the old ones that I've found.  It's a bland typed-up, fill-in-the-blank form.  No elaborate fonts, no calligraphy, no pretty flowers.  At least with a typed form, everything is more legible than this old hand-written one.  

This is from the Marriage Register of the Whitestown Presbyterian Church in New York.  The bottom half of this says, "June 16 Mr       Lee to Miss Case, the former of Utica, the latter of Verona, $2.00".  The information is vague, but my cousin Linda also gave me a copy of the Family Bible which has the marriage recorded.  My copy is hard to read, but I have no reason to doubt that this is their marriage record.  Charles Lee & Susannah Case were married on June 16, 1845 in Whitestown, New York.  They celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary just two months before Susannah died of complications in childbirth.  They are my Third Great Grandparents. 

Two sets of my Sixth Great Grandparents were married in June.  Both couples are the Third Great Grandparents of my Great Grandma Cora (Gaisford) Mann.  On June 7, 1755, Thomas Cogswell & Grace Martin were married in Hilperton, Wiltshire, England.  The next year on June 10, 1756, Stephen Bliss married Katherine Burt in Massachusetts.  They were married 49 or 50 years, depending on his exact date of death.

We don't have a big celebration planned.  I will just drink a toast tonight to all the couples who came before me.  Cheers!