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Newspaper Clippings - Peotone, Illinois, May, 1907

Here's one short column from the local news of the Peotone, Illinois Vedette.  Walter Jorgenson is my second Great Grandmother Lena Jorgenson's brother.  She was married to William Roscoe and living in Saline County, Nebraska by this time.  I would have loved to have found a mention of her paying a visit.  This is from microfilm, not a searchable, digital source. 

Peotone Vedette, May 17, 1907

L. J. Jackson of Piper City, Ills., painted his farm house this year.  Bought 17 gallons of Devoe lead-and-zinc, and hired Wm. Brown, painter, to put it on.  Returned 4 gallons; good job.  S. D. Culbertson & Son, dealers.
Mrs. Lee of New Holland, Ills., hired James Hughes, painter, to paint her house; got 15 gallons of Devoe lead and zinc paint; used only nine.
Devoe is economy.
Yours truly
F. W. DEVOE & Co,
New York and Chicago
HENRY AMMAN & SONS sell our paint.

Miss Ethel Parish, of Harvey, visited Miss Lois Imholz the first of the week.
Walter Jorgenson, of Chicago, accompanied his mother to Peotone Wednesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Pla??e of Harvey, visited their daughter, Mrs. L. E. Stassen, Tuesday.
Mrs. Oscar Fleischer visited with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Kerger, in Kankakee, this week.
Mrs. Mamie Anderson, of Chicago, visited her mother, Mrs. A. Vinson, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Henry Houghton, who for several weeks was confined to his home with rheumatism is able to be out.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Collins entertained Mrs. A. N. Winkless, of Chicago, a day or so the first of the week.
Fred Wahls, who was called to Chicago by the illness of his son, Henry J., called on Peotone friends Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Smit, of Kankakee, were the guests of Mrs. Smit's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Meyer, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Werner, of Beecher, were the guests of Mrs. Werner's sister, Mrs. L. E. Stassen, yesterday.
Hon. David Slush, of Detroit, the capitalist, who is backing the new electric road, was in town a few hours last evening.
W. H. Morrison was in Chicago on business a few days last week.  He and his family spent Sunday with friends at Oreana.
Hon. Fred Wilke was in town yesterday shaking hands with Peotone friends.  He was a welcome caller at The Vedette office.
Mrs. O. Jorgenson, who has been ill for many weeks at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Judson, of Chicago, returned to Peotone Wednesday evening.
John Kurtz, of Correctionville, Iowa, called on Peotone relatives and friends Tuesday.  He ran down from Chicago after marketing a lot of stock.
Chas. Dornbusch and family spent the past week in Peotone.  Today they leave for Wisconsin where business takes Mr. Dornbusch for the next two or three weeks.
John Hagenow entertained his sons, John and Christian, Rev. Geo. Schnessler and other relatives Monday.  They came to Peotone to attend the Singleman funeral.

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