Thursday, September 15, 2016

Newspaper Clippings - Hamilton County, Nebraska, 1912

Stockham, Nebraska is a small town along the southern border of Hamilton County.  My Great Grandpa Arthur McGrath's sister Mrs. W. Smith lived there.  In this little bit of Stockham news from the Hamilton County Advocate it mentions she went to Cozad for her father's funeral.  I had hoped for more.  The rest of the news may be of interest to someone else. 

Hamilton County Advocate, April 23, 1912


By James Beat
Haworth & Jirovsky, jewelers and opticians, Aurora, Neb.
Mesdames P. J. Maupin and Mary Coon were in York Monday.
Mrs. W. Smith went to Cozad Monday to attend her father's funeral.
Ray Galetly visited in Gresham over Sunday with his cousin, Stull Swearingen.
C. A. Coats of Aurora came down Saturday to visit over Sunday with his children.
Mrs. R. Bislaugh and son came Friday from Iowa and are now settled in the Presbyterian mance.
Mrs. Susia Walkinghorse and son came Wednesday from Arlington to visit her mother, Mrs. J. Norton.
Mrs. Margaret Van Wormer of Aurora came Wednesday to visit over Sunday with her daughter, Mrs. Dick Smith.
The operation by Drs. Steenburg, Haughey and Welch on Will Cameron Monday was successful.  He is getting along nicely.
Mrs. A. E. Cameron returned from Fremont Monday, where she visited her daughter, Mrs. Davis Rowe and the new baby.
The work on the streets is a great improvement to the town.  Jo Wood and James Beat, Sr., put in new hitch racks at the Presbyterian church.
Mr. and Mrs. Murphy moved to Hastings Monday to be near their daughter, Mr. Murphy being in poor health they had to quit the restaurant.
Miss Sadie Beat went to Ansley Monday to visit a few weeks with her uncle and aunt.  She was accompanied as far as York by her mother and Mrs. E. M. Stowell.

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