Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sibling Saturday - Five Mann Siblings

The man holding the hat is my Great Grandpa Clarence Mann.  The other man is one of his brothers, William, Oscar or Horace.  The women are their sisters Nancy, Ada and Effie, but I don't know which name goes with which woman.  Their parents, William and Nancy Mann, died in 1905 and 1894 respectively, much earlier than this picture was taken.

Everyone here seems to be dressed for a special occasion.  To try to determine the year this was taken I looked at some events of these siblings.  Brother William died April 27, 1927, both Nancy and Ada died in 1942, and the rest died later.  The dresses the women are wearing look like they might have the dropped waist style of the 1920's.  

IF this photo was taken at William's funeral, only one living brother is missing.  In 1930, Nancy lived in Iowa and Oscar lived in Kansas.  The others all lived in the Beatrice, Nebraska area where William is laid to rest.  It would seem likely that the brother who lived the farthest away would be the one not there.  In that case the other man would be Horace.  

But the leaves on the tree look pretty lush for late April.  I might be all wrong. 

It would be interesting to know who is taking the photo.  By the shadows, it looks like they used a camera that you held down in front of you to look through the viewfinder, not up to your eyes.

And who the child is in the background?

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