Friday, December 14, 2018

Friday's Faces from the Past - Arganbright Art Gallery, Hedrick, Iowa

Here's another unidentified picture from my "Negley collection" (photos that once belonged to my Eldorado, Nebraska Negley family members). The photographer's imprint on this 4" x 6" cabinet card is "Arganbright Art Gallery, Hedrick, Iowa". I'm not aware of anyone in my family who lived in Hedrick or Keokuk County. There were Negley cousins in Decatur and Ringgold counties, but that is at least 100 miles from Hedrick. It could be that there was some connection to Hedrick that I don't know about. This family may not be related to me, but my Negley relatives kept this copy of their picture.

The large bow ties like those on the two older boys were popular around 1910. It's hard to tell the sex of the infant. Two boys as the oldest children doesn't match up with any Negley related family I have in my tree.

If anyone recognizes the family in this photo, please leave a comment or email me. It would be nice for their descendants to have this photo.

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