Friday, November 15, 2013

Sibling Saturday - Emily and Elisha Bell

Several of my direct ancestors' siblings never married or some did but didn't have children.  They have no direct descendants.  I want to give them their 15 minutes here once in a while on Sibling Saturdays. 

Martha Bell's sister, born September 3, 1854, was named Emily E.  

At age 15, she attended school but could not read or write.  In 1880 at 28, she was living with John & Elizabeth Stringer and in 1900 I can't find her.  She is listed among the burials in the Stringer Cemetery with no birth or death dates. 

Martha's brother Elisha was married twice (and I only found that out because of writing this post!)  His first wife was N. C. Span, they were married May 15, 1873.  On September 18, 1875 he married Rebecca McFarland.  So I assume his first wife had died,  she was 17 years old when they were married.

Elisha or "Leish" and Rebecca moved to Flint, Texas in the 1890's.  Cicero took his young family out there and tried to make a living farming in Flint with little success.  While there his first wife, Mittie Ramsey, died of malaria after giving birth to a son who also died.  A month later their daughter Leavie also died.  They are buried in the Rather Cemetery.  Cicero and his 2 oldest sons, Frank and Oren, moved back to Kentucky.

Elisha and Rebecca both lived into their 70's in Flint, Texas.  They never had children. They may be buried in the Flint Cemetery in unmarked graves along with Rebecca's family. 

UPDATE:  A little more information on the deaths of Elisha and Rebecca has come to me, see it here. 

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