Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thankful Thursday Thanksgiving Day

  • I'm MOST Thankful for my family's good health and well-being
  • I'm Thankful for my friends both in person and online
  • Thankful for all Veterans and current service members, all medical professionals, firefighters and police for doing the work I couldn't possibly do
  • Thankful that the work I do never requires going in on a holiday
  • Very Thankful for sunshine and occasionally Thankful for rain
  • Thankful for the beauty of fall, good roads in winter, fresh air in spring and no storms in summer
  • Thankful for every day I don't see a spider
  • Always Thankful for all meals prepared by someone else
  • Thankful for any chance to watch a movie
  • Thankful that the Golf channel and Turner Classic Movies were in the same Dish package
  • Thankful for all the treasures I've been blessed with from the old trunk in the attic 
  • Thankful for the space to keep a little grade-school art 
  • I'm Thankful that I'm free to pursue my hobby of family history
  • Thankful for all searchable digitized old newspapers
  • SO Thankful for all the old family photos I've been given
  • Thankful for the help I've gotten from other researchers
  • Thankful for all who take time to read my blog
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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