Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Josiah & Sarah Negley's 143rd Anniversary

Sunday, March 5, 1871 Josiah Foster Negley and Sarah Maria Matilda Lee were married in Bureau County, Illinois.  That day also happened to be Sarah's twenty-second birthday, Josiah was 24.   They were married "at Mr. Negley's" by Rev. M. V. B. White, Pastor of the Buda M. E. Church.  Witnesses were Mr. George Lee & wife and Mr. C. Negley and Miss Mary Fisher. George Lee was the brother of Sarah.  Mr. C. Negley, Josiah's brother Calvin, and Miss Mary Fisher were married to each other in September that same year.

Over the next few years...
  • 1872  MAY 11  son George Oscar born
  • Family moved to Decatur, Iowa
  • 1874  FEB 19  son Newton Joseph born
  • 1877  MAY 20  daughter Alice May born
  • 1880  MAR 3  daughter Sadie Ellen born  (my Great Grandma)
  • 1884  OCT 9  son William Dean born
  •  Family moved to Clay County, Nebraska
  • 1887  AUG 7  son Newton Joseph died
  • 1887  SEP 12 son Josiah David Calvin "Cal" born in Eldorado, Nebraska
In March my posts will focus on my Great Great Grandparents Josiah & Sarah Negley and their family. 


  1. This is such a beautiful document -- and still in such great shape after all these years. Someone (or perhaps a series of someones) took great care of it.

  2. Nancy, I've had this one and another one framed and hanging on a wall in my house for 20 years. Before that, I think this one was in a box of stuff in my Grandma's house, aka the "old trunk in the attic". Thank you for reading and commenting!

  3. Oh boy, you are one lucky person to have this document for your very own. I saw the marriage certificate of my 2nd great grandparents (1864) in the DeWitt County, Illinois clerk's office and I had to act like a real adult and not grab it and run from the building.

    1. Ha ha Debi, I almost wish you could have gotten away with that! Thanks for taking some time here.

  4. Laura, I love the cursive handwriting on the marriage certificate. I reminds me of Will Curtin's handwriting (my mother's father). Lovely.

    1. I know, the handwriting looks so much nicer than a typed-up form, doesn't it? It's a shame cursive is a lost art.