Friday, March 28, 2014

A Sense of Accomplishment

Platte River, Alda, Nebraska March 2014

When I started this blog last July, I decided on a plan to write a narrative on each of my 15 Great-Great-Grandparents (yes, 15).  Eight of the 15 were born in the U.S.  All but 2 of them made Nebraska their final home.  I've given my interpretation of the information I have found on each of them.  Everything is always open for discussion.  The research I have back to this generation is work I've done myself for the most part.  Things I've learned from my living relatives.  From books, marriage certificates, and other things that were in the old trunk in the attic, or documents or information I've been able to get myself through libraries and online.  Beyond this generation I've done some work myself and other researchers have shared a lot with me.  Writing these posts has made me focus on each individual and see what I need to try next with them.  

So, would my ancestors be happy that I have publicized their lives on the internet?  Would they be glad that I'm sharing what I've learned about them with anyone who might read these?   Some of my living family may feel that I've put too much information online. Things will get trashed without my knowledge for fear it will "wind up on the internet".  Do they even read the posts?  I've heard from a few of them either by blog comments, facebook comments or "Likes".  I got a comment from one before-unknown cousin and I offered to share more with her, but that was all I've ever heard from her.

Nice comments have come from fellow bloggers that are greatly appreciated.  I've made some new online friends.  I'm grateful for all of my followers and I'm always thrilled to find that someone lists my blog in their list of blogs they follow.  Thank you Filiopietism Prism, Susan's California Roots and A Tangled Trail for that!  

I've accomplished my first goal.  Now I don't have a plan for future posts and I'm not going to for a while.  I'll be free to participate in some of the challenges or memes that go on. And I plan to post things I have that may be of help to someone else.  I hope to keep your interest.  

Thank you for reading!

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