Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Google Maps - Take Me Home Country Roads!!

Several bloggers have shown pictures from Google Maps Street View of houses they used to live in or the location of where their ancestors once lived.  I'm sure that's fun for all you city slickers, but I lived in the country.  Google Maps Street View will not go down a country road!  There wouldn't be any of my old houses to see.  I lived in 3 different houses growing up, but not a one of them is standing today.  But I'd still like to do a drive-by!

My Maternal Grandparents farmed 2 miles down this roadbut you can't get there from here -- on Google.  It does actually go down this road 2 or 3 clicks here but then stops. This is going west and if you turn around here and try to go east down the road, which goes to the town of Stockham, it won't go at all.  It will go north or south down Highway 14, but it won't turn onto any country road. 

Most all of my Grandparents, Great-Grandparents and even Great-Great Grandparents lived in rural areas in Nebraska.  I don't get to cruise around on Google Maps and see where they once lived.  Google must be afraid of getting a little mud on the camera lens.

Feeling left out.  Ya'll have fun driving around on your computers, I've got to go get gas.

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