Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wednesday's Child - Gertha Mable Smith

G. Mable
dau of W. D. and M. R. Smith
Died August 3, 1890
Aged 9 months

"We loved this tender little one
And would have wished her stay
But let our Father's will be done
She shines in endless day"

"G" stood for Gertha, but the way her name is on this tombstone I would guess they called her Mable.  Her parents, "W. D. & M. R. Smith" are William Dixon and Mary Rebecca Smith.  Mable was their fourth child, her older siblings Elizabeth, Andrew and Clara survived her.  She was also survived by her maternal grandfather John McGrath.  Her short life would have been recognized in the 1890 Federal census if it had not burned.  This very hardy monument, which has lasted over 125 years, stands as a tribute to her in the Stockham Cemetery, Stockham, Nebraska. 

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