Sunday, September 20, 2015

Great Grandma Menke's Birthday

September 20, 1887 was the day Lottie Roscoe was born in DeWitt, Nebraska.  That was 128 years ago.  She lived her entire life in Gage County, Nebraska.

Charlotte Isabelle Roscoe's parents were William Roscoe and Lena Jorgenson.  Isabelle was also the middle name of her mother's sister.  Lottie grew up with one older sister and six brothers.  Her youngest brother Cecil died of pneumonia at age five, brother Charles committed suicide at age 23, brother Oliver died during the flu epidemic at age 23 and brother Frank died of typhoid fever at age 34.  Another brother David Harlow had a disability of some kind.  

She married Charles Albert Menke on October 8, 1906 at age 19.  They had 13 children, eight boys and five girls.  One son drowned at the age of 14.  At her death she was survived by 30 grandchildren, 37 great grandchildren and six great-great grandchildren.

Great Grandma Lottie died of natural causes on March 24, 1975 in Beatrice and is buried in the Clatonia Cemetery.  I was 12 when she died, but I don't remember ever seeing her.


  1. Whenever I see those large numbers of grands and greats, I wonder if the deceased ever really knew them all. Lottie lost quite a few people before their time. She had a sweet and kind face. Too bad you don't really remember her.

    1. It's interesting that both of my paternal grandparents had 12 brothers and sisters. My Grandma's side got together twice a year or more, Grandpa's side rarely ever. Just the way it was. Thanks for reading Wendy!