Saturday, November 7, 2015

Great Grandpa Menke's Birthday

My Great Grandpa Albert Menke was born 129 years ago today, November 7, in 1886.   His first name was actually Charles, but he went by his middle name.  He is the first of six generations of Menke boys with the name Charles (either first or middle), but none of them goes by that name. 

He must have known all about large families.  He was the youngest of the 11 children of Henry & Eliza Menke (with four other half siblings who were grown by the time he was born).  Then he was the father of 13 children with his wife of 59 years.  On October 18, 1906 he married Charlotte Roscoe at the home of her parents in Clatonia, Nebraska. 

Albert lived and farmed in Gage County Nebraska his entire life and at age 78, on September 16, 1965 he passed away.  His family at that time included his 12 children, 34 grandchildren, 18 or 23 great grandchildren and two sisters.  Two different obituaries have those different great grandchildren figures and I haven't determined yet how many would be correct at that point.  At any rate, he left a large family. 

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