Monday, February 1, 2016

Amanuensis Monday - Photo Developing, Printing and Enlarging 1915

Some of my ancestors owned their own camera, I'm almost sure of it.  So I'm always looking for information on the history of personal photography and developing and printing those photos.  This advertisement from 1915 is one possible place where my family might have sent their film to have it developed.

Omaha Daily Bee, August 15, 1915

After the Pictures Are Taken --

Leave Your Film With Us for Correct

Printing and Enlarging

For the past fifteen years we have assumed that there were enough discriminating kodak users in Omaha who would appreciate superior results and who would not be satisfied to have their efforts handicapped by ordinary methods of amateur developing and printing, to give us a steady growth year by year.  The generous patronage bestowed upon us has simply proven that our assumption was correct.  We have steadily maintained our original policy, permitting nothing short of the best to be delivered by our Finishing Department, which is only a part of our large wholesale and retail photographic supply store located for the past twenty-five years on Farnam Street.  We have at all times, and still insist that correct developing is most important.  Prints are made from negatives, consequently the properly developed negative produces the best print.  All our prints are made on Velox paper - the paper with kodak reputation; they are printed with kodak masks which means even white margins, and they lay flat without being mounted on cards.

Our Special Service  By this we mean that all Roll Films, Film Packs and Dry Plates left with us for developing are carefully examined by our "Special Service" department and where possible, printed suggestions that we think will help improve your next exposures are returned with the order; but we suggest that you talk to our expert, there being no charge and you may receive information that will greatly improve your work.   We want you to get the best possible results, which will mean more work for us.

Enlargements  Many pictures are much more effective in an enlargement than in the original size.  We make beautiful enlargements in Sepia, Buff, and Black and White.  We have several original styles that are made up with broad margins, suitable for framing.  We also furnish Colored Enlargements, either in water colors or in oil.  The oil process is new, giving you a finished picture with all the rich lustre of an oil painting.

Prices  Our volume has increased until it has now reached a point where we enjoy a decreased cost of production, maintaining our high standard of workmanship; therefore we have revised our prices, workmanship as before and the "Special Service" an added feature.

Developing  Film  . . . . .  per roll, 10c  Any size up to
Film Packs, per pack, 25c  and including 4x5

Time of Delivery - Work always ready when promised.  You will not be asked to "call later."  We make good on our promise or make no charge for the work.

Kodaks and Supplies   Our stock is complete, our prices right, and most important, our out right.  If you have an instrument and are looking for information, come in and ask; we will be pleased to help you to the full extent of our knowledge and experience.

The Robert Dempster Co.
Eastman Kodak Co.
1813 Farnam Street  Branch - 308 So. 15th St.

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