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Amanuensis Monday - Red Carpet, 1890's Style

Yesterday was the Hollywood Event of the Season, the "Oscars".  Today is Leap Year Day.  I thought this article was appropriate for today.  From The Plattsmouth (Nebraska) Weekly Herald, January 21, 1892 Page 3.  Yes, January - this is just the "first" leap year party of the season!  Rockwood Hall is now a part of Plattsmouth's Main Street Historic District.  The Young Ladies Reading Room Association rented the second floor of the building in 1886 and established the first city library.


The Leap Year Party Given by the Young Ladies


The Young Ladies Prove Their Ability as Leap Year Entertainers
A Pleasant Time Had by Those Present

The young ladies of the O. D. C. gave the first leap year party of the season last night at Rockwood hall, and to say that it was a success would be stating it very mildly.  The grand march started at 9 o'clock, with forty-seven couple.  The floor was in first-class shape and the music fine.
The young ladies furnished hacks for the conveyance of their company to the hall.  The party will be remembered by those present as the most enjoyable one this winter.
When it comes to giving an enjoyable and highly entertaining party, the young ladies are the ones that can do it.  THE HERALD makes special mention of some of the costumes worn, but could not obtain all of them.  The music was furnished by the celebrated Italian orchestra of Omaha.
Miss Nellie Taylor, of Central City, was dressed in a full dress of pink surrah, and slippers to match.
Mrs. Sam Patterson wore a beautiful black silk dress.
Miss Nettie Ballance was dressed in black silk and lace.
Miss Eva Verigg, of Central City, dressed in brown silk.
Miss Gering in pink silk with white lace.
Margaret Oliver in black silk.

Janet Livingston wore Nile green, with white kid slippers and gloves.
Georgia Oliver was dressed in lavender silk, with cream roses.
Bertha Wise dressed in white silk.
Julia Herrmann wore yellow surrah and looked very stately.
Frankie Stiles, pink silk with black lace over dress.
Hattie Latham, Nile green with black lace over dress.
Delia Tartsch, white satin, with La France roses.
May Grant, cream silk, entraine.
Tressa Hempel dressed in cream brocaded satin.
Following are those present:
Bertha Nitka                Ed Schulhoff
Delia Tartsch              John Schulhoff
Mamie Stiles               Mr Jovenille
Bertha Wise                Henry Tartsch
Frankie Stiles              A. V. Burke
May Grant                   J. K. Pollock
Ella Clark                    Al Perrine
Edith Patterson           Frank White
Nettie Ballance            Harry Green
Lillian Hanna              Elmer Eikenbary
Nellie Taylor              Will Stadelman
Maggie Oliver            A. E. Reinhackel
Katie Neville                   Emil Wurl
Maud Moon                    Paul Wurl
Mrs. Ed Barker               Ed Barker
Fannie M'Dougal            Frank M'Coy
Eva Verigg                     Cliff Shepherd
Miss Helps                     Mr Helps
Janet Livingston            Will Clements
Dora Fricke                    Chas. Murphy
Mamie Coffey                Pat Egan
Tressa Hempel               Rob't Crozier
Georgia Oliver               Chas. Spencer
Edith White                   Fred Fitch
Nannie Moore               Chas. Sherman
Carrie Greusel               John Langston
Etta Kew                       Will Ruffner
Emma Coursey             Frank Coursey
Mrs. Schmidtman         Wm. Schmidtman
Rose Patterson              Sam Patterson
Dora Herold                  A. E. Barrett
Julia Herrman               Geo. Lehnhoff
Flora Donovan             Will Streight
Mia Gering                   Will Verigg
Hattie Latham               J. F. Wellington
Minnie Guthman           Mr. Bigger
Kate Hempel                 Chas. Weckbach
Bird Houseworth          Geo. Palmer
Miss Wharton               Burt Wheeler
Mary Skiles                  W. Ailen
Manota Eikenb'ry         Chas. Vallery
Alice Eikenbary           Arch Coleman
Ella Wright                   Frank Johnson

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