Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday's Faces from the Past - Noon Sisters

These two young ladies are Myrtle and Viola, the Noon sisters.  They were the oldest children of Frank & Minnie Noon.   Their four younger brothers were Fredrick Marion (1899-1983), Clifford Carl (1916-1978), Raymond W (1908-1960) and Lee (1914-1975).  All of Frank & Minnie's children were born in Kansas.  Frank (1870-1926) and Minnie (1873-1932) are now buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery, Ionia, Kansas. 

Raymond (1908-1960) was the only sibling who stayed in Kansas.  The others all moved away, Fred (1899-1983) and Clifford (1916-1978) moved out to Oregon, and Lee (1914-1975) to Seattle, Washington.  Myrtle (1894-1975) married William Peters and they moved to Wray, Colorado.  

Viola Esther (1895-1979) married my Grandpa's brother Oren Bell on September 7, 1919 in Kansas.  Oren was a pastor and served in Norfolk, Nebraska, Bargersville, Indiana and also Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for many years.  They are buried in Resthaven Gardens Cemetery there.

That information is all from some quick searching on this family.  I got both of these photos from my cousin Ruth Ann, who is the daughter of Virgil, another brother of Oren.  A note was included that was written to Virgil from "Arnold" that said this is "Viola Noon Bell's home, likely taken sometime in the 1920's".  I don't know who Arnold is and I'm not sure of the location of this house, either in Kansas or Norfolk, Nebraska.  That's an interesting window, maybe a stain glass piece?  There's a rocker and a small dish (for the cat?) on the porch and the screen door is wide open.  Winter trees from the yard reflect in the windows. 

I'd love to hear from anyone who is related to Viola, Myrtle or any of the Noon's.  Please leave a comment below with any corrections or additional information.

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