Monday, December 12, 2016

My DAR line to Patriot Asa Corbin

Last year, I became a member of the prestigious American organization, the Daughters of the American Revolution, or "D.A.R.".  I gained entry by proving my direct line to one of my Dad’s Dad’s ancestors who fought in the War.  That ancestor was Asa Corbin, and other women before me had already proven the lineage between Asa and my Third Great Grandfather, David A Roscoe.  All I needed was to provide documentation in the form of birth certificates, marriage certificates and death records if applicable, to prove the relation of each generation from me back to David.  Now future descendants of each individual along the line only need to connect themselves to the individual in the line they connect with.  All female descendants of my Dad and his siblings, my Grandpa and any of his siblings, and so on would be eligible to join DAR through our mutual Patriot ancestor, Asa Corbin.  From my Great Grandmother back, here is the rest of my direct line.

Charlotte I. Roscoe (1887-1975):  married to Charles Albert Menke in 1906.  Their children:  Harold, Lawrence, Willis, Cecil, Elsie, Raymond, Kenneth, Irene, Lorna, Robert, Clarence, Rosie, Gracie.  Robert died young and Lawrence didn't have children.

William Harlow Roscoe (1859-1947): married to Lena Jorgenson in 1882.  Their children:  Laura (1883-1980), Cleveland (1885-1961), Charlotte, Frank Edward (1889-1923), Charles (1891-1914), Oliver Bert (1895-1919), David Harlow (1897-1948), Cecil (1900-1906).  Only Laura, Charlotte and possibly Frank had any children. 

David A. Roscoe (1823-1884):  married Mary Fero in 1854.  Their children:  Nancy (1855-1913), Martha (1857-1875), William Harlow, Sherman (1862-1948), George (1864-1952), Franklin Abraham (1866-1951), Ervin (1868-1886), Bertruss (1870-1957), Edward (1874-1929), Charles Dole (1876-1962).  Ervin and Martha died young, I don't believe Franklin had any children.  

Nancy Corbin (1784-1872): married Russell Roscoe about 1815.  Their children:  William Harlow (1816-1847), Sherman (1818-1852), Almyra (1820-1857), David A., Daniel Ward (1826-?).  Nancy would have been what is termed a "Real Daughter", being the daughter of the Patriot, but the DAR was not organized before her death.

Patriot Asa Corbin (1742-1808): married Mercy Harlow in 1778.  Their children:  Sarah (1779-?), Darius (1780-1849), John (1782-1862), Nancy, Lois (1786-1857), Hamlin (1788-1851), Martha (1790-1790), James (1791-?), Polly (1793-1795), Sophia (1796-1825), William Harlow (1798-1868).

Any female who is a direct descendant of anyone listed here would be eligible to apply for DAR membership.  You need d
ocumentation of births, marriages and deaths through your blood line to prove your relationship to your ancestor.  Leave a comment below if you are interested in joining.   I'd be glad to help you if I can.


  1. It's so much work but so worth it! It really puts Life in perspective. Great Post honoring Patriot Asa Corbin.

    1. It's an honor to have a Patriot and ALL those who served in the military in my tree. Thanks again, True.