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Newspaper Clippings - Stockham, Nebraska 1900

From the Aurora Republican, July 13, 1900

From our regular correspondent

Markets: Wheat, 55c; corn, 30c; rye, 40c; oats, 18c; hogs, $4.60; cattle $-.--; butter 12-1/2c; eggs .07c; chickens, 10c.
Miss Anna Brown has returned from her visit at Phillips.
Dr. Gordon was an Aurora visitor on Tuesday of this week.
Mrs. T. W. Cavett and Miss Josie were shopping in Aurora, last Saturday.
Dr. and Mrs. Caulk of Aurora were in town, Monday, calling on old friends.
Mr. Patton of Edgar spent the Fourth in our village - the guest of Miss Carson.
A picnic crowd of young people from Aurora were enjoying themselves on the Blue, Sunday.
Our band did itself great credit on the Fourth and added much to the enjoyment of the day.
A. J. McConaughey returned from Iowa, last week, where he had been for the past two months.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Flickenger of York came to Stockham, on the Fourth, to celebrate and visit with old friends.
Miss Negley of Eldorado is assisting Mrs. Wineman through the harvest work. Mrs. W. is in very poor health at present.
Editor Chambers of the Stockham Standard attended the Bryan and Stephenson ratification meeting at Lincoln, last Tuesday.
Chas. Evans and wife returned, Saturday, from an overland trip to Red Cloud, where they spent the Fourth with a brother of Mrs. Evans.
The population of our town has been increased one, at least, since the census was taken - a daughter has been added to the household of P. L. Yost and wife.
Today (Wednesday) is the birthday of Miss Mattie Cavett, and invitation are out for a party at her home, this evening. Her young friends are anticipating a very pleasant time.
Threshing has commenced, and the whistle of the engine now disturds our early morning slumbers. There were five machines running, Tuesday, within a radius of five miles.

"Miss Negley" could be either Alice or Sadie.  In 1900 Alice would have been 23, and Sadie 20.  Mrs. Wineman was Mary Jane (Pugh), wife of Samuel and they had three children - Grover C., 13, Mattie D., 9 and John R., 7.  Mrs. Wineman died in 1905 of cancer.

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