Sunday, January 6, 2019

My Maternal Grandparents Grave

J Stanley                        Violet J
Aug 1, 1907               Sept. 19, 1917
Oct. 20, 1970               June 18, 1991 

My maternal Grandparents, Stan & Vi Bell, are buried in the Aurora Cemetery, about 30 miles from where I live. It's the largest cemetery in Hamilton county. I've been there many times, took this photograph just a few years ago. 

Their grave is in the same section as Grandma's parents and her two brothers. Her sister is in another section of the Aurora cemetery as well as one of Grandpa's brothers. Several of my relatives and many family friends lie there under it's shady trees, although wind storms have done a lot of damage to them in the past several years. 

I was in grade school when Grandpa died and didn't go to his funeral. I was at Grandma's funeral, just two days before my wedding. She didn't drive and didn't want to burden anyone with getting her to the wedding and back home. Whether or not that had anything to do with it, I don't know, but she had a stroke on Monday and didn't make it through the night. It was so unexpected and yet the timing worked out - visitation Wednesday, funeral Thursday, rehearsal Friday and wedding Saturday. Truly an end and a beginning. 


  1. That's a lovely stone. I see in the FB group that you plan to write about your family's graves. That is a great idea, especially mentioning who else is in the same cemetery. That would be a good thing to compile as a book or booklet for yourself, family, and even local libraries or societies.

    1. One of these days I may look into compiling many of my posts into a booklet like you have done. We'll just see if I get all of these posts done first LOL! Thanks Wendy!