Thursday, June 5, 2014

Friday's Faces from the Past - Jennie Kennedy

Miss Jennie Kennedy

This photo was given to my Great Grandma Sadie Negley (that's her maiden name).  Sadie was not related to any Kennedy's that I'm aware of.  I assume Jennie's mother gave her this photo, but I have no idea who Jennie's mother was.  They may have gone to school together in Eldorado.  Maybe Jennie's Dad worked with Sadie's brothers for the railroad, I don't know. Without a little more information to go on, I can't find Jennie Kennedy in the 1910 census. 

The photographer was Boatman of West Point, Nebraska
Written on the back:
"Sadie Negley
Jennie Kennedy
age 5 years old
9th of April, '06"

The date may be her birth date, or it may be the date of the photo.  West Point, Nebraska is over 100 miles away from Eldorado where Sadie Negley lived.  How expensive was it in 1906 to have a professional photograph taken?  How many copies did a person usually get, and who would they likely give them to?  

Please leave a comment if you know Jennie Kennedy.  It would be great to find out how my Great Grandma Sadie knew her.


  1. My g-grandmothers sister married a Nataniel Kennedy. They lived in York, NE and ran a hotel that I believe was owned by her father, Rufus Cole.Jane Kennedy died when all the children were little.The youngest, Earl Kennedy, was raised as a brother to my grandma.

    1. I just wonder if there could be any relation. Thanks for reading!