Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sunday's Obituary - George Knapp

"George Knapp
The death summons came very suddenly to George Knapp of Empire Furnace, Lawrence county, just beyond Powellsville this morning about 5:30 o'clock.  He arose as usual and had been out to feed the cattle when he returned to his home and seated himself on a chair.  In a few seconds he expired, death being caused by a sudden attack of heart trouble.
Undertaker Frank McCurdy of Wheelersburg who was called, notified the Lawrence county coroner that death was caused by heart trouble, so that the coroner would not have to make the trip to Empire Furnace.  Mr. Knapp was about 65 years of age.  He had been a farmer in the Empire Furnace community for a number of years and was well known in that section.  
He is survived by his widow and two nephews, George and John Knapp at Empire Furnace.  Henry Knapp of Powellsville and Louis Knapp of Chicago are brothers and a sister in the West also survive."   from the Portsmouth Daily Times, December 20, 1921 
Actually, George was survived by three sisters "in the West", Hannah Smith, Mary Boggs and Eliza Menke, all in Nebraska.  It seems he and his wife may not have had any children.  

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