Thursday, June 26, 2014

Friday's Faces from the Past - Georgie Sloat

"Georgie Sloat" is all that is written on the back of this photo.  Which person is Georgie?  There are several George Sloats in the 1900 and 1910 census, but none who are living in Nebraska.  Since this photo was among the possessions of my Great Grandmother Sadie McGrath, I assume she knew them somehow.  She lived in Nebraska from the time she was about 6 years old until she died in 1958.  Without more information to go on, I wouldn't know how to find this family.  There is no studio or photographer's name and the back is blank except for the written name.  

If you have the name Sloat in your family tree, please leave a message.   Maybe together we can figure out who Georgie Sloat is.  


  1. Maddening, isn't it? I've most often seen "Georgie" as a girl's name.

    1. Yes, I had thought Georgie could be the woman. I'm just curious about who people commonly shared their family photos with back then. Was it like this was sent along with a Christmas letter from old friends? Anyway, thanks for the input!

    2. I have photos of some of my great-grandparents' neighbors, and I wonder too what the occasion was and if they gave pictures to the neighbors. I guess that's why so many orphan photos end up in antique and thrift shops.

  2. Lovely photo! Thank you for sharing!