Thursday, March 12, 2015

Friday's Faces from the Past - Wilford / Wilfred

Meet Wilford or Wilfred.  With enough light on it, I could just barely make out his name written on the back of this.  First name only.  The photographer was Wilhelm Bauer of Sutton, Nebraska.  

From the 1910 Census, searching for Wilford/Wilfred born 1905 +/- 5 years living in Clay County, Nebraska I found the following possibilities:

Wilford Dahms, born 1903, son of Henry C & Minnie M Dahms, of Valley, Hamilton County

Wilford W Hiatt, born 1907, son of Alfred L & Clella G Hiatt of Aurora, Hamilton County

Wilford Frieden, born 1904, son of Amos & Kate Frieden of Momence, Fillmore County

Wilford E Hymas, born 1910, son of William H & Louise M Hymas of Waco, York County

Wilfred Bennett, born 1904, son of Frank & Marie Bennett of Roseland, Adams County

Wilfred K Brown, born 1907, son of Fred & Verdelia Brown of Madison, Fillmore County

Wilfred Carstens, born 1908, son of John & Elizabeth Carstens of Belle Prairie, Fillmore County

Wilfred Johnson, born 1909, son of Bernhard & Flora Johnson of Zero, Adams County

If you think you might know who this boy is, please leave a comment!  I would like to reunite this photograph with his family.


  1. Popular name! I like how you looked for possible candidates.

    1. Thanks Wendy. I think I maybe should have looked in the 1920 census also, in case he was born more around 1915. I just hope someone will know him and maybe know how he knew my family. Like you're hoping someone will recognize the men from your Coast Guard photos. Wishing us both luck!

  2. Such a beautiful picture. The babies expression is precious. I sure hope that someone will claim him.

    1. He does have such a sweet face! Thanks, Andrea.