Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday's Faces from the Past - 5 Girls from Eldorado?

These 5 old photographs are from the Old Trunk in the Attic.  First names only are written on the backs.  Chances are good that these young ladies were friends of my Great Grandmother Sadie Negley McGrath and her sister Alice Negley who went to school in Eldorado, Nebraska right around the turn of the century.  Click on each photo to enlarge for a better look.  

 This is Alice, but not Alice Negley.  Alice Yost was 19 in 1900, living in Eldorado Precinct, Clay County, Nebraska.  This could be her.  Another slight possibility is Alice Grosshans, who in 1900 was 9, living in Sutton.  This girl definitely looks older than 9, but Sutton is not far away and there is another family connection to the Grosshans family.  Not knowing for sure what year this photo was taken, there's a slight chance it could be either girl. 

Ethel is written on the back of both of these, but I don't think that these two photos are of the same person.  Ethel Pitt was 11 and Ethel Smith was 13 in 1900.  Ethel Smith was later a niece of Sadie Negley after her marriage to Art McGrath.  There are three Ethel's who lived in Harvard, Miss Clark, Miss Wadsworth and Miss Calame who were teenagers and might have known the Negley's.  

Myrtle here looks younger than the other girls.  There was a Myrtle Brenneman who was 6 years old in 1900.   Or Myrtle Peterson and Myrtle Kitzinger were both 8.  One more Myrtle, Miss McKinsey, was 16.  All of them lived in Eldorado Precinct. 

This is Saddie - spelled that way on the back.  Not my Great Grandmother Sadie, I'm sure.  Sadie being a nickname for Sarah, there was a Sarah Ochsner who was 15 in 1900, it could be her.  Other candidates are Sarah Kilmer, age 8 and Sarah Schwartz, 14.  There were a couple other Sarah's who were older and married so not likely them.    

There are other photos in my stash that have this same style frame, some with names and ages written on the back.  From those names I can determine who those people were and about when their photograph was taken.  So I think these photos were probably all taken by the same photographer sometime between 1900 and 1910.  That's why I used the 1900 census to come up with these possibilities.  The fact is, I don't really know who these 5 girls are.  

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