Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday's Faces from the Past - Marrion Spann & Allie Bell

This is Marrion Washington Spann and his sister Allie (Spann) Bell, who was my Great Grandma.  I'm not sure when this photo was taken.  Judging by some others I received, it could have been about 1957.  Allie would be around 86.  Marrion was a few years younger, but I have some differences in records showing the year of his birth.   

Marrion, along with his son Joe, made the trip to Nebraska from Illinois to visit his sister and her family.  I got this photo and more from a granddaughter of William Henry Spann, who was a half-brother of both Marrion and Allie.  I am very grateful to her for these, I don't have many pictures of Allie.  

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