Sunday, March 20, 2016

My Common Characteristics & Experiences Pedigree Chart

Some genealogy bloggers have created “Longevity Pedigree Charts” showing the age at death of their ancestors.  Other bloggers have created “Death Causes Pedigree Charts” showing the cause of death for each ancestor.  I am working on creating a “Common Characteristics & Experiences Pedigree Chart” of my ancestors. 

As I learn more about them from things I read or hear and discover something I have in common with an ancestor, I add that to my chart.  It’s a work in process.  Some things are as simple as sharing a name or birth date.  Other things take more thought.   There are things that I have in common with many of my direct ancestors such as wearing glasses, but I try to use the things that are more unique with each person.  The more I learn, the more I can add to the chart.  No limits, for each ancestor there may be more than one thing we have in common. 

These charts were created for display here.  I'm only showing my Great Grandparents & their parents.  My real chart is in an Excel spreadsheet where I can add as much to each ancestor as I want.  I'd like to someday find out things like among my female ancestors who were registered voters and who held a drivers license.

This is a life-long project.  As I grow older different things may happen that I can add to the chart.  For instance, I may have the misfortune of suffering a stroke like several of them.  Or maybe someday I can add that I have celebrated my 100th birthday like my Great Great Grandmother Eliza.

Paternal Common Characteristics & Experiences Pedigree Chart
Maternal Common Characteristics & Experiences Pedigree Chart


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  2. "Common Characteristics & Experiences" < Great ideas

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    1. Thanks Ania! Your chart is colorful. Seems everyone is affected by March Madness and going chart crazy. I've seen the longevity, death causes, DNA, occupations and more. I like your naming pattern idea. Thanks for sharing the link to mine!