Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wedding Wednesday - March Weddings in my Family Tree

March 19th this year will be my parents' 55th wedding anniversary.   In their wedding photo album is the cutest photo - the candle lighters are holding back the bride while the maid of honor is kissing the groom on the cheek.  Everyone is playing their part well.  The candle lighters look scared, the bride looks angry and the maid of honor and the groom look like they are enjoying themselves.

They are one of 42 couples I have in my family tree who were married in March, six in my direct line.  March 17th and March 30th are the two most common dates with 4 couples each choosing that date.

Mom's Grandparents Cicero Bell & Allie (Spann) Vickery were married on March 17, 1901 in Kentucky.  This was the second marriage for both of them.  Cicero's first marriage was to Mittie Ramsey in 1891 and that marriage was also on March 17th. 

Mom's Great Grandparents, Josiah Negley & Sarah Lee, were married on March 5, 1871 in Buda, Illinois (March 5th was also her birthday).  They were married for 51 years.  Their original marriage certificate is framed and hangs in my house.

Dad has two sets of Second Great Grandparents who married in March.  First Heinrich Knapp & Caroline Schukky, were married in Germany on March 8, 1839.  Their marriage lasted until his death 53 years later.

Second James Gaisford & Anna Rich were married on March 28, 1838 in England.  At Anna's death in 1882, they had been married for over 44 years.

Dad's Seventh Great Grandparents Clement Corbin & Dorcas Buckminster of Woodstock, Connecticut were married on March 7, 1654.  Clement died during their 43rd year of marriage.

On March 31, 1657, James Bird & Lydia Steele were married in Farmington, Connecticut.  They were Dad's Eighth Great Grandparents.  Lydia died within two years, possibly from complications in childbirth.

It would be awesome to have a wedding photograph for any of these couples.  Even if it's just a plain-old pose like the bride & groom standing at the altar. 

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