Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wedding Wednesday - April Weddings in my Family Tree

Whether superstition had anything to do with it or not, no one in my family tree was married on April Fools Day.  April 5th and 15th were the most popular dates with 3 couples each out of a total of 40 couples in my tree that I have a marriage record for who chose a date in April.  This year I'm focusing on the marriage records for my direct ancestors - what I have, what I'm missing.  From my database I printed a report of all marriages by month.  I'm not as familiar with the names several generations back in my tree, I have to look them up to see which branch they are in.  Seeing them individually and out of the pedigree box they're usually in gives me a different perspective.  

In my paternal Great Grandmother Lottie Roscoe's line there are three different couples who were married in April.  First my Third Great Grandparents David Roscoe & Mary Fero were married on  April 6, 1854.  David died soon after their 30th wedding anniversary.

Both sets of David Roscoe's maternal Great Grandparents (my Sixth Great's) were married in April.  On April 3, 1729 John Corbin & Martha Hosmer got married.  And on April 5, 1742 William Harlow & Hannah Littlejohn tied the knot.

Two couples among my maternal direct ancestors had April wedding dates.  

John Vines & Elizabeth Smith were my Great Grandma Sadie Negley's Fifth Great Grandparents.  On April 25, 1723 at Westminster Parish in Anne Arundel County, Maryland they exchanged vows. 

Edward Spann & Margaret Harvey were married on April 4, 1621.  With dates that far back, I'm always amazed when I find a record, but Family Search has it online.  There is no image of the original document, but the Cheshire, England Parish Records have been filmed and indexed by the LDS Church.  Edward & Margaret are Great Grandma Allie Spann's Seventh Great Grandparents.

These marriages all happened so long ago, I'd be foolish to think I could find a photo of each happy couple.  I can't always put a face to a name, so I think outside the pedigree box once in a while for a different look at my ancestors.

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