Monday, March 6, 2017

Amanuensis Monday - Will of David Bell, Kentucky Wills and Probate Records, 1774-1989

"In the name of God Amen I David Bell of the County of Wayne and State of Kentucky, being in a low State of health but sound in mind thanks(?) be to God for his mercies and knowing that man is mortal, I make my last will and testament as followeth first I will that all my lawful debts shall be paid I further will that all my estate shall remain in the hands of my beloved wife Polly during her widowhood.  I further will that my sister Patsey shall have one cow and money to by a bed and if my wife Polly shall marry she shall have her lawful estate and as the children come of age to have their portion, and I certify this to be my last will and testament, in presence of us and that Robert Parmley and John Adair to be Executors in witness where of I have set my hand and seal this 28th day of August in the year of our Lord 1818. 
David Bell (his mark)
witnesses present teste
Moses Anderson (his mark)Fleming Gregory (his mark)"

My last post showed the marriage record of David Bell & Polly Adair.  This Will was written just over six years later.  David owned 100 acres of land surveyed on October 15, 1815 on the waters of the Little South Fork.  In 1848, that land was sold to Robert Parmley for $233.  John Adair was David's father-in-law and Robert Parmley's brother Garner became the step-father of David's children.  Such a nice brother to give his sister a cow and money for a bed!

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