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Wedding Wednesday - Bureau County, Illinois Marriages 1871

The Bureau County Republican, April 6, 1871  

Marriages for March, 1871

Jos. J. Johnson, Maiden to Charlotte M. Piper, Maiden.
Wm. Fay, Selby to Mary Rice, Selby.
Abram M. Totten, Piatt Co., to Flora Swayne, Bureau Co.
Chas. M. Bradshaw, Buda to Emma M. Green, N.Y.
C. N. Miller, Iowa to Barbara Stauffer, Iowa.
Albert C. Pardue, Milo, Mary Underwood, Tiskilwa.
Swan Johnson, Princeton to Hattie Gustafson, Princeton.
Alonzo Criswell, Lamoille, to Julie A. Ward, Lamoille.
L. S. Getch, Walnut to Lona L. Welch, Walnut.
Geo. Dennis, Henry Co. to Maggie Anthony, Tiskilwa.
Philip A. Smith, Peoria Co,. to Mary Fisher, Bureau Co.
J. H. Weisenberffer, Hall, to Catherine Dorn, Hall.
A. O. Petrie, Neponset, to Francelia E. Hoskins, Neponset.
Finley McBeth, Neponset to Harriet Swigert, Neponset.
Peter Nelson, Arispie, to Ellen Gustafson, Arispie.
F. M. Triplett, Iowa, to Ada Rollins, Neponset.
Josiah Negley, Macon, to Sarah M. Lee, Macon.
S. C. Frederickson, Lp'rt'n, to Anne C. Harting, Lp'rt'n.
Lysander C. Ward, Missouri, to Lucy Cook, Princeton.
Jos. C. Blaisdell, Milo, to Sarah J. Blessing, Milo.
Joshua Liverpool, Mexico, to Inez Richards, Princeton.
Jos. Bulfer, Bureau, to Kate Becker, Bureau.
W. A. Holroyd, Wyanet, to Ann R. Carter, Wyanet.
Philip Lambi, Ohio, to Engerberg Jepson, Ohio.
Thos. Apghey, Lamoille, to Jane Finley, Lamoille.
Jas. McElvina, Walnut, to Agnes Fuller, Walnut.
August Johnson, Princeton, to Mary Malten, Princt'n.
Martin Dutro, Wyanet, to Amanda Harrison, Wyanet.
John Hocket, Wyanet, to Mary Sturdiman, Wyanet.

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