Monday, July 7, 2014

Travel Tuesday - Cemetery Hopping

Every four years, we travel to Illinois taking Interstate 80 across Iowa.  It's about an eight hour drive from Grand Island to Galva.  For several years, I have wanted to take Hwy 2 across because there are three cemeteries along that route where I have direct ancestors buried.  I've always thought that was a great coincidence.  There are also a couple of other cemeteries where more distant relatives are buried. 

My plan was always to do this on the way home so that if we ran short of time I could leave the ones on the western end of the line, closer to home, for some other time.  But it doesn't work out that way this year.  SO, our plans are to spend Wednesday and Thursday this week going to at least three cemeteries.

First stop will be Decatur Cemetery in Decatur City.  My third Great Grandparents, John and Ruth Negley are buried there.  

The next cemetery is a little off Hwy 2, but Mount Moriah in rural Davis County is where my fourth Great Grandparents, Jonathan and Rachel Smith are buried.  

Finally in Bonaparte, where my third Great Grandmother, Mary Jane Jones is buried.  She was born Mary Jane Hull, first married to Thomas Clemie, second husband was Edward Jones.  

Now, there are photos of all of these gravestones already on findagrave.  That doesn't stop me from wanting to be there myself and stand at the graves of my ancestors.  There are some other names to check for in each cemetery as well.  This trip is not out of our way, it's just going to be a longer drive than usual.  Starting Wednesday, I'm going cemetery hopping!

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  1. I agree. Findagrave is wonderful. However, going in person to see the graves might tell you so much more as you study where they are in relation to other graves. You might even find other relatives nearby.