Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wednesday's Child - In Memory of Pearl

Red Cloud Chief, March 24, 1899, pg 1 Col 2-3

Pearl L. Frase, daughter of Mrs. Minnie Frase was born near Pleasant Hill, Nebraska, December 31, 1892, died at her home in Red Cloud, last Wednesday, March 15th, 1899 of spinal disease, aged 6 years, 2 months and 15 days.   She was a noble, Christian child and much loved by all who knew her.  The funeral services were held in the M. E. church Friday morning, March 17, 1899, conducted by Rev. Hussong assisted by Rev. Darby.  The remains were laid at rest in Pleasant Hill cemetery.  Sister Frase and little brother George have the sympathy of the entire community.   

There's a pair of little hands
Laid to rest forever more,
Those two pearly dimpled cheeks
Whose rich blossoming is o'ver;
Death has closed two little eyes,
That will no more smile or weep;
Tiny windows of the soul,
Little Pearl has gone to sleep.

There's another bud removed,
Ere it felt the blight of sin,
Through the doors the angels made,
Little Pearl has passed in.
Far beyond the azure skies,
Where the tiny star eyes peep, 
From all earths sad doubts and fears,
Little Pearl has gone to sleep.

The dainty garments wrought with care,
Through happy hours for love's sake,
Are laid away for one more fair,
Than mother's hands can make.
How could we bear this heavy cross,
The loneliness, the cruel pain,
Did we not know our earthly loss
Was her eternal gain.

She will awake in fairer lands,
Where the angel's voices sing,
There the flowers shall expand,
There shall love's perfection bring.
She has reached the golden shore,
Through the river cold and deep,
Angels bore her softly there,
Little Pearl has gone to sleep.
  -- Her Teacher, C. M. Mummel


  1. Pearl must have made a real impression on her teacher.

    1. Yes, it's such a sad and yet sweet poem. Thanks for reading Wendy!