Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Christmas Trees

Growing up on a farm, our Christmas trees came from our pasture for several years.   They were usually cedar and probably put up about mid-December, I don't really remember.  In the mid 70’s my parents did get an artificial tree, probably for the same reasons I did.  

My husband and I had real trees until after our daughter was born.  Then we bought an artificial tree for two reasons:  1) the fear of fire and 2) the strong scent was too much for sinuses that were already too sensitive.  I usually put our tree up over Thanksgiving weekend because I have the time then. 

The first year I lived on my own, my Christmas “tree” was no more than a branch of a cedar tree my brother and his friend grabbed out of a ditch on their way to my place.  This photo is of my second tree, the first one was much smaller than this. 

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