Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Tree Decorations

Only one tree goes up in my house and the only "theme" is Christmas.  I'm not ambitious enough to do several different trees with themes.  For the most part I only want hand made and/or Christmas related ornaments on the tree.  For ornaments we receive as gifts, I do make an exception.  Occasionally on a trip I'll buy an ornament for our tree for a remembrance and that might not follow my "rules" either. 

Some of my hand made ornaments were made by my daughter when she was in school.  There are snowflakes crocheted by my Mom.  My Grandma made some plastic canvas  needlepoint ornaments, and I cross-stitched a few things.  When I was a kid (I know I was younger than 11 because of the house we lived in), I had fun making these little people ornaments.  The patterns and instructions were in Good Housekeeping magazine – I still have them.  The "people" were cut out of cardboard and covered with felt by glue - no stitching involved.  I made several sets of two, each set with matching colored felt outfits.

When I decorate the tree - and I do it by myself every year - there is a memory of something or someone with so many of the ornaments.  I reminisce every year as I hang them, and again as I put them away.  

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  1. I have a few homemade ornaments, but I confess I threw many out when I decided they were tacky. I also like to buy an ornament as a keepsake from a trip.

  2. I just put the less attractive ones on the back side at the bottom ;)