Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Crafts

Before Hallmark was selling the collectible Christmas villages, my Mom had one she made out of half-gallon milk cartons (when they were cardboard boxes).  The cartons were covered with construction paper and had doors and windows of different colored paper.  In the village there were some little candles shaped like evergreen trees.  It didn't hold up over time, but I always liked that little village.  Mom also made each of our stockings out of felt material with our names and a Christmas symbol cut out of felt.  She crochets a lot of things like snowflake ornaments, wall hangings, table runners or doilies.  

Needlepoint and cross-stitch were my crafts of choice, but my eyes aren't capable of doing much of that anymore.  This bell hanger is a needlepoint piece that I made several years ago.  I also have several cross-stitched ornaments.  There was a plastic canvas needlepoint nativity set I made, but the dog chewed up some of the pieces.  Every year for as long as I can remember I've tried to make some new Christmas decoration.     

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  1. My mom made our stockings too. She had to create her own pattern. We didn't have a village, but Momma did make a big Christmas candle one time using a quart milk carton (yeah, the wax-coated cardboard kind). It was red and she attached some silver plastic holly. It was gorgeous for its day.

    1. We had such crafty Mom's! Thanks for your comments.