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Newspaper Clippings - Wayne, Nebraska, 1917

Wayne Herald, Thursday, March 29, 1917, pg 2

"Members of the Public Service club lunched at the Gem Cafe Monday noon and had for main consideration perfection of plans for the forthcoming meeting of the North Nebraska Teachers' association.  These committees were apointed in addition to those formerly named in connection with service for the meeting:  Committee to look after decorating the town. Supt. O. R. Bowen, Frank Gaertner, S. R. Theobald and Mrs. Henry Ley.  It was decided to decorate exclusively with the national colors.  Committee appointed to sell tickets for the grand opera, Frank S. Morgan, Carroll Orr, F. E. Gamble and C. E. Carhart.



Captain James Pile of Co. E, Fourth Nebraska regiment, received a telegram Monday instructing him to immediately mobilize the company for service, and accordingly he sent out word to all the boys to assemble here at once.
There are now sixty men in the company, but it is expected recruits will increase the number appreciably within a short time.  The possible maximum is 150.
Washington, March 26 - Twenty additional infantry regiments and five additional separte battalions of national guard troops have been ordered into federal service for the protection of property in the event of possible internal disorder.  The troops have been called out in eighteen western and middle western states not included in the list of the similar orders made public yesterday.
The war department's statement follows:
Following additional national guard organizations have been called in the federal service for general purposes of police protection against possible interference with the postal commercial and military channels and instrumentalities:
"Illinois, First, Fifth and Sixth regiments, infantry; Indiana, Second regiment, infantry; Iowa, First and Third regiments, infantry; Nebraska, Fourth regiment, infantry; Minnesota, First regiment, infantry; Michigan, Thirty-third regiment, infantry; Wisconsin, Third regiment; South Dakota, Third battalion of Fourth regiment; North Dakota, Second battalion of First regiment, infantry; Colorado, First and Second separate battalions, infantry; Wyoming, Second separate battalion, infantry; Ohio, Third and Sixth regiments, infantry; Washington, Second regiment, infantry; Oregon, Third regiment, infantry; California, Second, Fifth and Seventh regiments, infantry; Idaho, Idaho, Second regiment, infantry; Second regiment, infantry; Montana, Second regiment infantry.
Of these organizations the following are already in the federal service and in consequence will not be mustered out as originally planned.
"Michigan, Thirty-third infantry; Colorado, First and Second separate battalions; Ohio, Third and Sixth regiments.
"It is requested that no details of locality be carried in the press with regard to further distribution of these troops unless given out by the war department."
The new order makes thirty-two national guard infantry regiments called into the federal service for police purposes supplemented by six separate battalions and several detached companies.  They will be assigned to posts in connection with their police work by the commanders of the military departments acting under instructions from the war department.

Press is Cooperating.

Assurances of the cooperation of the American press generally in the effort to recruit the navy to its full war strength of 87,000 men reached Secretary Daniels today by telegraph and telephone from managing editors in all parts of the country.  The department is supplementing its recruiting service with automobile detachments which are searching every county for suitable men.  The machines are stopping in every town, village and hamlet and frequently at individual farm houses in order not to miss any opportunity to secure young men.

Iowa Regiment to Mobilize

Des Moines, March 26 - At 3 o'clock this morning Adit. Gen. Logan issued orders for the mobilization of the First Iowa infantry recently back from the border.  The regiment is ordered to assemble at once in compliance with orders received by Gov. Harding from the war department.



D. L. Negley died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Frank Baker, southwest of Wayne, Thursday, March 22 aged about 80 years.  He would have reached that age if he had lived until next May.  Mr. Negley came to Wayne from his home at Decatur, Ia., by automobile with his two sons, C. C. and D. L. Negley.  A third stroke of apoplexy, suffered after reaching Wayne, proved fatal.
The body was taken Monday to Decatur, Ia., for the funeral and interment and was acompanied by Frank Baker and the deceased's son, C. C. Negley, and daughter, Mrs. Rebecca Ditton, the latter of whom arrived Friday from Sioux Rapids, Ia., in response to word announcing her father's death.  D. L. Negley motored to Decatur Friday.  Mrs. Frank Baker was unable to attend the funeral.

Official war correspondents set a fine example to this extent:  they don't dwell much on the troubles of their own side of the conflict.

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