Sunday, December 13, 2015

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - School

Today is Santa Lucia Day, and it is appropriate for me that the Advent Calendar prompt for today is "School".  In 4th grade, I played Santa Lucia in the school Christmas program.  While my class sang a song (I assume about Santa Lucia, but I don't remember), I had to walk up the side steps onto the stage, halfway across the stage and then down the front steps off the stage while carrying a tray with cups and a teapot and WITH LIT CANDLES ON MY HEAD!  They were stuck into holes in a not-so-secure-feeling cardboard "wreath".  I have forgotten what I wore or what they sang, but I clearly remember the fear of those candles falling into my long hair.  Santa Lucia decorations are hard to find, so I made this one with a Barbie doll.  

Typically the school program consisted of each class taking their turn on the stage singing two or three Christmas songs.  No one complained about singing religious songs in school in those days.  One year we strayed from the ordinary program and put on an Operetta.  The story is long lost to my memory, but each class from Kindergarten to 6th grade had parts in the play.  My class, 5th grade I think, was Christmas cards.  We "wore" poster boards, sandwich-sign style, decorated to look like a card.  Mine was a Christmas tree.  Although I don't remember everything about it, I do remember it as a fun program.  

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  1. Oh yeah, let's see someone put candles on a kid's head today! Barbie seems well-pleased in her St. Lucia costume. Well-done!

  2. Maybe some things have changed for the better, Ha Ha!! Thanks Wendy!